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Antifa G20 protesters - are they anti-capitalist, pro-imperialist?-

The decline of Empire and the wars, not to mention Peak Energy and the rapidly collapsing ecosystem have produced a very strange situation where the “Progressive” movement has lost most of its meaning.

How can you have “progress” in a world that is collapsing?

Now we have the strange spectacle of “anti-capitalists” that support the Empire’s wars and the mass migration that has been unleashed on Europe, even to defending positive discrimination of Muslims of the extremist Salafist or the more moderate kind.

This has caused great confusion where the “Right” (or a good part of it) is against the wars while the “Left” (or a good part of it) is behind them and in America at least, the Left (or rather the Liberals that pass as “left”) come out in support of the CIA and other parts of the Deep State.

In the past, observing actions in the past against the G20 or the WTO – of an “anti-capitalist” nature heing a “radical” (in its true sense) I would have been broadly sympathetic.

However, now much as I abhor the “Right” and am put off by their language I find much to agree with and very little to agree with from the liberal Left.

I think the litmus test now with social movements during this period of collapse has to be anti-imperialism.

In history many who were previously radical “constant revolution” Trotskyists have adopted neo-conservatism. “Constant revolution” with “proletarian” taken out.

The Reuters article points to the presence of the Black Bloc who were conspicuous in creating violence at Occupy.

I would not be surprised if the Black Bloc or Antifa were acting as agents provocateurs helping the police and government by provoking violence – which is exactly what the powers-that-be want. 

See what Chris Hedges (whose radical credentials are untarnished) had to say about the Black Bloc back in 2012.

The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement. The presence of Black Bloc anarchists—so named because they dress in black, obscure their faces, move as a unified mass, seek physical confrontations with police and destroy property—is a gift from heaven to the security and surveillance state. The Occupy encampments in various cities were shut down precisely because they were nonviolent. They were shut down because the state realized the potential of their broad appeal even to those within the systems of power. They were shut down because they articulated a truth about our economic and political system that cut across political and cultural lines. And they were shut down because they were places mothers and fathers with strollers felt safe.

Armed police move in on Hamburg protesters after G20 clashes

7 July, 2017
Police fired tear gas to disperse crowds of violent anti-capitalist protesters in Hamburg on Friday after an evening of clashes between police and protesters seeking to disrupt the city's summit of global leaders.
Heavily armed police commandos moved in after activists had spent much of the day attempting to wrest control of the streets from more than 15,000 police, setting fires, looting and building barricades.
With meetings between leaders of the club of 20 largest global economies over for the day, police prepared to storm the Schanzenviertel district before midnight.
Protesters had torched cars and lorries, broken windows in banks, looted retail stores, set off firecrackers and hurled paving slabs and other objects at police. Some 197 officers were injured in two days of clashes in the port city. Police made 19 arrests and detained dozens more.
The clashes are awkward for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had hoped to demonstrate Germany's unshakeable commitment to free speech, assembly and dissent by holding the summit in the center of a city with a proud radical tradition.
German riot police use water cannon as they advance towards protesters
"I have every understanding for peaceful demonstrations but violent demonstrations put human lives in danger," Merkel, who was born in Hamburg, said earlier in the evening.
Participants in the G20 meeting praised the work of police in keeping the event safe but said they had never seen protesters closer to such a summit than in Hamburg.
When world leaders including U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping gathered for a Beethoven concert in the city's riverside Elbphilarmonie concert hall, protesters responded by blaring the music of Jimi Hendrix.
Police pursued members of the radical Black Bloc movement, which wants to overthrow capitalism, across scaffolding as they sought refuge on rooftops. Non-participants were warned to stay away and journalists ordered to keep a distance.
In one suburb, police intervened to put an end to a protest by some 200 largely masked activists and detained 59 suspects. Fourteen of them were taken to hospital but it was unclear if the injuries occurred while fleeing across barricades or during the confrontations with police.
After handshakes and concert, G20 seeks 'difficult' consensus
Arkansas to ban dicamba weed killer after drift complaints
Despite the chaos that threatened to overwhelm parts of the city during much of the day, the summit proceeded largely as planned, with thousands of participants from dozens of countries in attendance, although some plans had to be changed.
Police declined to clear U.S. first lady Melania Trump's motorcade to leave her hotel for a tour of the historic harbor, and protests delayed buses taking visitors away from the state dinner that concluded the meetings.
A police spokesman said only small numbers of far-left or anarchist protesters were involved in the disturbances, while the majority of an estimated 100,000 demonstrators in the city remained peaceful.

Maria Zakharova SLAMS “European Hooligans” ruining the G20

Zakharova has slammed European hooligans who have "turned Hamburg into a smoking hell".
7 July, 2017
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has shared a video on Facebook of the carnage, destruction, violence and mayhem being caused in Hamburg by anarchists, the far-left, random radicals and members of the group Antifa which is classed as a terrorist organisation in parts of the United States.
This is Hamburg today. The video was sent by colleagues who work with the Russian delegation (to the G20). They didn’t take this footage on purpose. They were just trying to get to from point a to point b.
There is fighting in the streets”.

Zakharova then referenced how state-owned British broadcaster BBC has been slandering Russia saying that it “cannot contain its hooligans”. This is being said in spite of the fact that the Confederation Cup matches held throughout Russia have been a resounding success for both players and football fans from throughout the world.

She then highlighted the reality of the ‘European hooligans’ who turned Hamburg into a smoking hell” while the western media remains silent.

Here is her Facebook post

Это Гамбург сегодня. Видео прислали коллеги, которые там работают с российской делегацией. Они не снимали эти кадры специально. Просто пытались доехать из пункта А в пункт Б. А на улицах боевые действия. 

Не так давно телеканал ВВС выпустил целый фильм о "российских хулиганах, из-за которых в России нельзя проводить ЧМ по футболу". Кубок конфедераций стал приятным сюрпризом для западной общественности, которую несколько лет обрабатывают русофобскими материалами: бибисишные предсказания оказались очередным блефом. А вот "европейскими хулиганами", превратившими Гамбург в дымящийся ад, западные медиа могли бы заняться поплотнее.

This is Hamburg today. The video was sent by colleagues who work with the Russian delegation. They didn't take this footage on purpose. Just trying to get to point b. And the streets are fighting.

Not long ago, the air force tv channel released a whole film about "Russian bullies that can't be held in Russia". the confederations cup has become a pleasant surprise for the western public, which has been working for a few years with rusofobskimi materials: the bibisishnyye predictions were another bluff. And Here's the "European hooligans", who took hamburg to the smokin ' hell, Western media could do the tight.

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