Thursday, 15 June 2017

The fire in London is metaphor for what we are doing to the planet.

The Earth is burning
Kevin Hester

The incinerating fire in London is a metaphor for what we are doing to the planet.

The planet is on fire and the fire is raging but it's business as usual for the dominant culture which is grinding the living planet into dust and has no intention of taking it's foot off the pedal.

Those of us in the west are on the top floors but the heat is already cooking our neighbours below us but because they are poor, mostly of colour, no one has acted.

The fire we have lit will consume most if no all complex life on the planet and it is heading our way at an ever increasing rate.

There is no fire brigade coming to our rescue,.

For those of us who are aware of the severity of the crisis we know we are dead people walking and we can see and feel the fire and the horror building.

All complex life on the planet is about to be consumed in an inferno of heat.
Have some compassion now for others, fire is exactly what we are all going to perish from.

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