Friday, 9 June 2017

An update and a request

It is now about three weeks since my soujourn in hospital and I can give a brief background.  I have mostly recovered from what seemed to be an infection of the gallbladder. The suspect was gallstones in the bile duct but tests did not confirm that so they suspicion is that I passed a gallstone.  Whatever it was it was supremeely painful.

I have had a break from medical interventions but start another round next week with a return session with the neurology department at Wellington hospital.

One thing that has gone is that almost immediately after going through the trauma of making a complaint against the doctor for her insinuations that all that was wrong with me was that I was "depressed" investigations and diagnoses have been coming thick and fast.

All this has meant that with all this activity there has been some stress on my funds.

I have a request.

If you have some cash spare and can share just a little as a donation I would be very grateful.

Many thanks to people who have already contributed.

There is a 'DONATE' button on the right of the screen.

In the meantime I shall be bringing all I can in the way of information as we all go through the northern summer waiting to see what it will bring - especially to the Arctic ice.

Best wishes to all,


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