Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The time has come to HUNKER DOWN and wait for the storm to pass

I have dropped everything for almost 2 months to try and warn people what I and others have been warning of. Now that the corrupt WHO has declared a global pandemic the whole narrative has changed on a dime as I and others have warned.

With the news yesterday I finally had a crisis and meltdown and reached the end of the day feeling that something had broken in me.  I simply don't know how much I have within me to carry that function on.

I don't see the need any more to bring the daily headlines - it is becoming harder and harder to do that, so I will be concentrating on finding those things that you will not hear anywhere in the mass media.

In this time of trouble TruNews has been a great comfort to me and that is not because I am a born-again Christian (I am not) but because they are delivering a message that is sorely needed in today's world - that we need to look to a Power that is greater than the most powerful leader on the planet and look beyond just our own narrow desires. Call it God's Will or the Law of Karma but I strongly believe that it is too late for those who have not found their own Inner Peace or, as the Christians would say, got right with God.

It is time to PREPARE, not to hoard, but to SHARE.

It is time to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. These words from the Old Testament resonate with me.

It is also not a time for mocking those who do not agree with you or for finger-pointed. We are all humans and in this together.

Yesterday's TruNew show is HERE

Listen to "Wuhan Big Apple: New York City 48 Hours From Lockdown" on Spreaker.

Wuhan Big Apple: New York City 48 Hours From Lockdown

Listen to "Wuhan Big Apple: New York City 48 Hours From Lockdown" on Spreaker.

Watch TruNews HERE

Here are a few of the headlines for today. I am not providing links. You can do that for yourself by simply entering the text of the headline into Google.

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