Saturday, 28 March 2020

Gross inconsistencies in the NZ coronavirus lockdown

David Icke talks about the Hunger Games. With every passing day I see that this is true and actual. By the time this is finished there will be no small businesses left (especially those catering for those that already have difficulty putting food on the table) and the poor will be left starving and homeless - that is my prediction.

Class warfare against the 

poor in the midst of a 


I find this an example of the most disgusting case of corruption amongst those who are making the rules.

While other businesses that DO provide an essential service, such as independent grocers and butchers, some of which are the last point-of-call for people who,live from week-to-week such as the Mad Butcher have been closed Commonsense Organics stays open.

Funders & Donors – Matsqui-Abbotsford Impact Society

The government is handing out monopolies.

By the time this has finished (in months, not weeks) there will be no small businesses left.

This is social engineering.

PS. Commonsense Organics describe themselves as a “supermarket”. They are NOT!

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