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The gap between rhetoric and reality in New Zealand's martial law

There are lots of strange things happening to coincide with the declaration of de facto martial law in New Zealand.

The following is a rumour - but that does not mean it is false.

I am suspicious that there might be a gap between the rhetoric of PM Adern and her government on one hand, and the actions of the police, on the other.

Coronavirus: Police can now enter homes to look for people gathering

Armed police raid Christchurch property |

26 March, 2020

Police officers now have the power to enter homes to enforce self-isolation rules.

New Zealand entered a four-week lockdown to break the transmission of coronavirus on Thursday. Overnight, police officers have pulled over people who were breaking the self-isolation order — apparently unaware it was in place.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush, in a series of radio and TV interviews on Thursday morning, reiterated people will initially see the "friendly face" of police during the lockdown.

"But we'll be ensuring people will comply because if they don't, people will die," Bush said on RNZ.

He said police already had to educate people on the self-isolation order overnight, and would continue this informative approach unless people intentionally flout the rules.

Police officers would first issue a warning, then arrest people if needed. Bush said police would only prosecute serious offenders, but those arrested will be "having a little trip to our place" — meaning they will be detained.

"The public want that, they want people to comply because they're really worried."

He said it would "pay" for people to carry workplace identity cards, or letters from employers, to prove they were an essential worker.

A nationwide state of emergency was declared on Wednesday, giving police wide ranging powers. Under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act, police can enter any premises under the belief it would save lives or prevent injury.

"If we suspect there are gatherings inside places, we're enabled to go in there. We'll do everything we can to make sure people comply," Bush said.

He said police would be monitoring activity around the country, and would "deploy" to areas that showed increased activity. There were several hundred soldiers ready to assist police with foot patrols, if required.

While roadblocks were not in place and were not planned, Bush said such a measure could be used if there were areas in which many people did not comply. People could expect to be pulled over and questioned, however.

Bush said there "could be" an increase in dishonesty crime, like theft, and there would definitely be an increase in domestic violence — "we'll be deploying into that with urgency".

An editorial in one of NZ;s daily newspapers

EDITORIAL: The real surprise, when a crisis comes, is how many people in democratic countries are willing to give up their freedoms for the greater good.

Parliament has been suspended and New Zealand has moved into lockdown to minimise the effect of Covid-19 on the population. The overwhelming majority of New Zealanders tolerate such measures, or even welcome them, because the overseas experience has presented us with two options.

And then there was THIS.

It blows a hypothesisis of mine out of the water, that the economic downturn might presage a reduction in geoengineering activities above our skies.

Chemtrails were seen over the skies of Wellington yesterday (that is very unusual)










Rangatikei Environmental Watch,
26 March, 2020

Yesterday (25/3/20) on social media there were many reports of aerosol trails over NZ left by large aircraft. I always notice these & post periodically on what I observe myself. I have done for many years. This spraying is known as geoengineering aka weather modification. 

Historically, analyses of these trails has revealed curious contents. Here is one for example from California Sky Watch:

Independent analysis of chemtrail fallout has identified many toxic chemicals including;

Aluminum Oxide Particles, Arsenic, Bacilli and Molds, Barium Salts, Barium Titanates, Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium, Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells, Ethylene Dibromide, Enterobacter Cloacal, Enterobacteriaceae, Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), Lead, Mercury, Methyl Aluminum, Mold Spores, Mycoplasma, Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass, Nitrogen Trifluoride, Known as CHAFF), Nickel, Polymer Fibers, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Pseudomonas Florescens, Radioactive Cesium, Radio Active Thorium, Selenium, Serratia Marcscens, Sharp Titanium Shards, Silver, Streptomyces, Stronthium, Sub-Micron Particles, (Containing Live Biological Matter), Unidentified Bacteria, Uranium, Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins

We do not know what of course is in every trail but suffice to say what is in the analysed ones is enough to illustrate that this phenomenon is not normal & definitely not conducive to your health. Especially not if you breathe them and you surely will if you live on the planet & draw breath because these are observed everywhere now.
The first map below sent to me on 25 March, the evening of the national lock down due to the Corona Virus, concerns aerial spraying right over the East Cape & the Bay of Plenty. A strange flight path you’d have to agree. The plane is not on a direct course from A to B so to speak. The route is very circuitous.  

This area, a significant tourist attraction, recently declared concerning their own self isolation from the Corona Virus, the banning of all non locals, policed by their own checkpoints, to allow greater protection from the virus. An astute move I would have to say. The Guardian reports:

The East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island is a remote and picture-postcard idyll – boasting a historic lighthouse, wild beaches and mist-cloaked mountains. But as the country prepares to lockdown for four weeks of national self-isolation to fight the spread of Covid-19, indigenous groups in the region say the measures will not go far enough to keep them safe and plan checkpoints on highways into their towns to turn away anyone who doesn’t live or work there”

This area is also the same one I recently featured in an article, citing the the Dept of Conservation’s partnership with the iwi there to save their forest from pests (Ngāti Porou, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, Te Ehutu, Ngāi Tai, Whakatōhea and Te Aitanga-ā-Mahaki)

DoC  spreads the deadly Class 1A Ecotoxin 1080 poison aerially to eradicate pests in areas they deem inaccessible by trappers.

Now I have no idea if this is all related or sheer coincidence that an Air NZ plane should be flying in such a curious route over this particular area, however it is worth noting for the record. Please draw your own conclusions. It is worth knowing if you live in the area because in light of the  path and the trail the plane left, were I living there I would be staying indoors and would not be breathing any of that potentially toxic air.

Below here is a screen shot capturing the details of the aircraft, an Air NZ flight apparently:


And below here is a map of the flight path:
You can watch the flight path live captured on the tracker in the video below…

And here are two captures of it in flight:
If you made similar observations please do send the details, images, flight track videos &/or screen shots. It would be good to compile them all. Contact me at the contact page & I can reply with how to send them to me.

Note: I have in the past contacted the authorities via an OIA request about these trails in our skies however I’ve been assured they are not the result of geoengineering. This is an about turn from previous questions by people to MOP Nick Smith who can be seen on a well known documentary scoffing at what he called ‘conspiracy theorists’ who were citing the same phenomenon. Here is Amy Adams’ response in 2014:
Copy of Copy of 12 April 2014 Marton NZ

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