Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Hal Turner on coronavirus pandemic

NJ Virus Cases Up 158% in 
days - Hospital Warns OUT 
of Gowns, 4 days of masks 

Coronavirus cases in New Jersey have jumped 158%+ in 3 days with another spike likely ahead: In just three days, New Jersey’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases has increased by more than 158%, going from 742 cases on Thursday to 2,844 cases as of Monday.

Murphy announced New Jersey now has at least 2,844 coronavirus cases with 27 deaths as officials announced Monday 935 new positive tests on the same day the second state-run testing site opened in Monmouth County and quickly hit capacity due to overwhelming demand.

A Bergen County hospital that has been at the center of treatment of the coronavirus pandemic in New Jersey is seeking donations to help purchase protective equipment and other supplies for its staff. Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck said it is down to only a four-day supply of respirator masks, and has no disposable gowns left.

Lockdown rules: What New Jersey residents need to know about stay-at-home order: Gov. Phil Murphy on Saturday ordered New Jersey’s 9 million residents to stay at home with some exceptions and required all non-essential retail businesses in the state to close until further notice. Read up on what exactly is and isn’t allowed under the governor’s executive order.

Worldwide cases: The global case total is more than 353,000 as of around 7 a.m. Monday, Johns Hopkins University reports. At least 14,790 people have died of coronavirus. There are cases in 167 countries.





Videos are beginning to emerge from hospitals inside Spain as the coronavirus overloads that nation's healthcare system.
In the video below, persons sick with coronavirus are left LAYING ON HALLWAY FLOORS, with masks, some with oxygen, because no beds are available.
What we see happening in Spain, is already happening in Italy, and will also happen HERE, in America.
This disease outbreak, from a Chinese Military Bio-Weapon (Story Here) - is showing no sign of stopping.

Mobile Morgue Trailers 

Being Deployed Near Major 

US Cities

In one of the most ominous developments in the U.S. Coronavirus outbreak, Mobile Morgue Trailers are being deployed outside of major US cities.
The photo above - and the enlarged one below -- show several of these trailers stashed on a farm in Joliet, IL, southwest of Chicago.
For those who still erroneously think "This is just the Flu" may we respectfully point out that never before have mobile morgue trailers been deployed for victims of flu;   This outbreak is NOT "just a Flu."
And for those who are just flat out stupid, the reason these morgue trailers are being deployed is because officials believe the number of dead bodies coming from this outbreak will overwhelm local coroner's offices.




Times Square / New York City on 11/24/2011 | © 2011 Steve ...

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an emergency order Monday directing hospitals to increase their capacity by 50% as coronavirus cases across the state surged 38% overnight to 20,875. Times Square, the most hustle and bustle place in Manhattan, shown above, is DEVOID of people.

New York is the hardest-hit state in the country, Cuomo said. New York City, alone, accounts for 12,305 confirmed infections, he said.

This could go on for several months,” Cuomo said. Roughly 13% of all cases have been hospitalized so far, 621 of the patients have ended up in the ICU and 157 people have died, he said.

Nobody can tell you is it four months, six months, eight months, nine months. But it is several months,” Cuomo said. “We all have to now confront that that is a new reality. That is not going to change. You are not going to turn on the news tomorrow morning and they’re going to say surprise surprise this is all now resolved in two weeks.”

Cuomo estimated up to 80% of the state’s more than 19.4 million residents will get the coronavirus. Last week, Cuomo estimated there are likely “tens of thousands” of COVID-19 cases in the state among residents who didn’t know they had it.

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