Saturday, 21 March 2020

The hospitals in London are being overwhelmed.

Two anecdotes from Britain:

One via email to me:

A client of mine who has a daughter in the UK says they are dropping like flies. She and her husband have been told to stay at home, no pay.”

The other from a nurse, via Hal Turner:

The hospitals in London are overwhelmed.

The public and media are not aware that today we no 
longer live in a city with a properly functioning western 
healthcare system.

Patients with suspected COVID-19 are being mixed with 
non-COVID-19 patients."

"Critical Incident" - London 
Hospital Runs Out Of Beds 
Amid Virus Outbreak

20 March, 2020

A hospital in London has declared a "critical incident" after it has run out of hospital beds, reported SKY News
BREAKING: Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow has declared a 'critical incident' due to a surge in patients with .

Latest updates 👉 

The "critical incident" was declared at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, where it appears a surge in COVID-19 patients has used up all hospital beds and ICU-level treatment at the facility. This means that the most vulnerable might not be able to get the treatment they need, which implies the mortality rate in London could be on the cusp of surging. 

We've pointed out all week that the UK "missed the critical containment window to suppress the epidemic curve," which is now resulting in a surge of virus patients at hospitals. 

Cumulative Confirmed UK Cases 

Dr. Jessica Potter, a respiratory specialist in the UK's National Health Service, warned on Thursday that hospitals across the UK "are overwhelmed" and "on the brink of collapse."

We also outlined how 10,000 troops have been told they could deploy at any given time if social order deteriorates. With one hospital being overwhelmed, it's only a matter of time before others are as well. 

UK Virus Map 

secret government document was leaked earlier this week that said 80% of Britons could be infected, and the virus would not clear out of the country until Spring 2021. 
Britons should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The "coronavirus winter" is here. 
Patrons enjoy a last drink at closing time at The White House pub in Stalybridge, Manchester, on Friday night, there last outing to the pub for the foreseeable future

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