Monday, 3 July 2017

Deputy PM, Paula Bennett, threatens legal action over accusations of criminal activity

I found the following artice today and of course it of course piqued my interest so I decided to find out what this is about.

It is evident that Paula Bennett, deputy PM and Minister of Police, is threatened by this revelation of her past and her response has changed from messaging on Facebook to threatenin legal action.

I am not generally in favour of making public the personal past of people. Everybody can have shady pasts and make good. However, there are elements that justify the making public of this material.

We have always had governments and politicians that have lied and acted against the interests of the public. But this government (mostly under John Key) has taken the whole understanding of corruption to a whole new level that has never been seen before.

Paula Bennett (like John Key himself) owes her present position to the generous support previous governments have given her. She has not only turned her back on her past and decided to stomp on people very like herself and deny them the very assistance that helped her get a step-up.

This needs to come into the open so that the nature of the people that are ruling New Zealand in the interests of the 1%, of Wall Street and the warmongers can be revealed.

I have not listened to every word that Ashley Farrrell has said and I do not know him. However what shines out is his sincerity and willingness to be honest about his own background.

I recommend that New Zealanders who are going out to vote later in the year will listen carefully and that this is not swept under the carpet like every single scandal that should by rights have brought the government down.

Bennett threatens legal action over online post accusation

3 July, 2017

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett is threatening legal action over an online post accusing her, without evidence, of several historical criminal acts.

The Social Housing Minister and new Deputy Prime Minister says she didn’t have time to consider the new report.

According to a cease-and-desist letter sent to a North Island man by lawyers acting for Ms Bennett, a post and video were published on June 30 containing "material highly defamatory of the Deputy Prime Minister".

The post has been widely circulated and the letter states it has already had more than 5400 shares.

"Not only do these allegations very seriously defame the Deputy Prime Minister, but she, and we as her lawyers, will regard it as a form of harassment," the letter reads.

"You should immediately remove this content."

The lawyers acting for Ms Bennett say that further action could be requested in future in terms of remedial action and also say a restraining order could potentially be requested.

The letter emphasises Ms Bennett's "categorical rejection" of all claims made in the post.

No corroborating evidence supporting the claims, which cannot be repeated by 1 NEWS, has been produced by the man.

Ms Bennett's lawyers copied media organisations on the letter to the man warning them off publishing the accusations.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s office declined to comment further.

Here is Ashley Bennett's open letter to Paula Bennett which has been removed from Facebook and other outlets.

A open letter to Paula Bennett from Ashley.

I would like you to explain to the public a few things from your past. Do you remember the Napier tattoo club? Because I remember you and your partner at the time Allan aka . This is what i remember as one of the children of members of that club,my mother and her now late husband were members of that same club. why have you change the laws that helped you get where you are . i stayed at your place in tutira the place you lived whilst receiving the Dpb, at the same time buying your house in taupo with help from the government. at the same time also renting a house in wellesley road So you are an actual law breaking citizen...

Here is how and its just the start;

Living in tutira with your partner who was working full time whist receiving a benefit.

You were also defrauding the government by renting a house at the same time in wellesley road. when you were staying with Allan in tutira...

at the very same time as your house in taupo was being supplemented by housing new Zealand.

That's three counts of fraud you have never been held accountable for.

I remember a lot from when i was a kid of you and ill say it you were also a drunk and a drug user. many a night at the club you would laugh about throwing tricks at stag park whilst working there. Hold on so you were getting assistance to buy a housing nz house in taupo, renting a house in wellesly road and living with allan in tutira and at the same time working. You are a fraud in every meaning of the word.i saw you many times drunk ,stoned and high on class a drugs ,in front of children, me my sisters and your own daughter. You even once slapped my face 5 times because some one stole some booze from the table and you blamed me and my sister for it. i was ten years old so that makes you a child abuser and me your victim. you are a racist because i was the little black cunt that stole you booze,I was ten Paula what the hell did i want your booze for. do remember me now. any way paula im sending this to parliament, all news channels , all social media, all forums i can find, 60 minutes, fair go and to any one else i can find . you will be exposed as will your government.

You are not any ones deputy prime minister .as you have to be voted in by the public and you were not, neither was your boss bill. you are seated illegally . so leave because we the people dont want you.

yours in absolute sincere disrespect

Ashley Farrell

Here is Pauline Bennett's Facebook response

Listen to Ashley's video addressed to New Zealanders. No doubt it will be removed soon


  1. Remember this - Greens co-leader Metiria Turei said it was a serious concern for Prime Minister John Key that Bennett was refusing to apologise or rule out releasing private details in the future.

    "Beneficiaries have a right to privacy, they are entitled to their personal dignity and they shouldn't have a minister who is prepared to breach that and to interfere with their dignity just because she disagrees with what she says."

    All beneficiaries were now at risk if they spoke out, she said.

    "Paula Bennett will go into your personal files and use that information to attack you in public."

  2. Apparently Paula Bennetts Lawyers didnt approach Ashley Farrell directly as he has no Letters, nothing from Paul Bennetts Legal Team. Ashley has not received any Cease and desist Letters. Nor hs his Posts or Vids been taken down.

  3. Ashley Farrell is a Legend and Paula Bennett is not Fit to be in Charge of High Profile Jobs. Shes been Exposed at Te Puea Marae when Huri Dennis Suffered her interference. The HIT & RUN TPPA Protesters She Sped away from. Tragedy and Suffering is our Lot if we dont get Psycho Bennett out of Parliament.

  4. Apparently Paula Bennetts Lawyers didnt approach Ashley Farrell directly as he has no Letters, nothing from Paul Bennetts Legal Team.

  5. Good on you Ashley. A lot of serious damage has been done to me, my family and many others that I know personally by a certain corrupt govt dept and their polocies and procedures. You can guess which. I am talking about people with illnesses that render them genuinely unable to work. We have all been persecuted for being ill.

  6. Good on you Ashley. A lot of serious long term damage has been done to me, my family and many people I know personally via a certain corrupt govt dept hiding behind policy and procedure. You can guess which and you know who was the minister of that port folio for 6 years. Ministers should not be given the title 'Honourable' unless they have genuinely earned it and live up to it. Ill people, genuinely too ill to work, have been persecuted for being ill. I witnessed it first hand as a support person, family member and victim. Our govt and their dept have committed very serious crimes against humanity. The truth must come out.

  7. We all have a past, when can we have a reset?

    A reset for the nation and for all of us - we could do it!

    It only requires a shared vision and sufficient public support to create the adjustment.

    Working on it:

  8. Paula Bennett name your Baby Daddy before any Law is made to Cut those in the same Boat.

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