Friday 31 January 2020

Coronavirus update

I spent many hours editing this video and then to upload it onto my desktop only for You Tube to censor it on the grounds of copyright - presumably for a piece of music Hal Turner used in one of his ad breaks.

I have therefore posted it onto Vimeo.

Update on coronavirus - 30 

January, 2020

Update on coronavirus - 30 January, 2020 from Robin Westenra on Vimeo.

The Coronavirus Is Now Infecting More People Outside China
Public health experts worry the outbreak is entering a dangerous new phase as cases of local transmission in other countries accumulate

Cases of New Coronavirus Registered in All Chinese Regions – Authorities

Coronavirus: China accused of 'burning bodies in secret'

'Are you CRAZY?' Italian mayor rushes to quarantine cruise liner and stops crew from letting 1,140 people off the ship on which two Chinese passengers are being tested for coronavirus

Second Queensland coronavirus case takes national toll to nine

Tigerair provides passenger details to health authorities over flight

Three Japanese evacuees from Wuhan test positive for virus, two had no symptoms

Russia closes Chinese border as foreign citizens flee coronavirus-hit Wuhan

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