Thursday 23 January 2020

China Locks-Down City of Wuhan over Coronavirus

TRAPPED !!! China Locks-Down City of Wuhan over Virus; Police Blocking ALL ROADS In & Out.

22 January, 2020
UPDATE 2:24 PM EST -- CHINA LOCKS-DOWN CITY OF WUHAN; POLICE BLOCKING ROADS.  NO ONE ALLOWED IN . . . OR OUT ...The recent outbreak of a strange new virus in the city of Wuhan, China is spreading like wildfire. Overnight, the death toll DOUBLED.  Authorities in China have now invoked a Public Health Law ORDERING the wearing of filter masks by anyone in public!
WORSE: Infected people are being handled with LEVEL FOUR (4) Bio-Hazard protocols [Highest level] as show in the photo below from Russia taken today . . .
One of the passengers who was hospitalized from Pulkovo Airport in Russia, with suspected Chinese coronavirus, was taken away by doctors in protective suits. The stretcher was covered with an airtight dome. The premises of the airport, to which the man arrived, have already been processed by special forces.
 And THIS photo of a patient inside China from two days ago:

The government of Wuhan, China has announced on its Twitter feed they are invoking the Public Health Law, and ORDERING anyone out in public to wear a filter mask to protect against spread of the virus!
You can't make this up. In light of the outbreak of , Wuhan authorities have announced it is now a crime to NOT WEAR a mask in public. Public place owners should demand visitors wear masks before entering. Refusal is a prosecutable offence.

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In Singapore, Guardian, one of the major pharmacies with about 115 stores island-wide, said sales of masks have quadrupled in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, sales of hand sanitizers and thermometers have tripled in the same period.
Its spokesman added that it does have sufficient stocks of the items at all its stores.
Watsons said it has seen more sales of masks, thermometers, Vitamin C and sanitizers recently, without elaborating. It said it is taking steps to ensure enough supply to meet consumer demand.
A Watsons employee at its National University Hospital Medical Center outlet said that the store's masks were sold out two days ago and that she is not sure when new stock will be coming in.
At Junction 8, both the Watsons and Unity Pharmacy outlets had run out of both N95 and surgical masks.
Customers flocked to the Guardian outlet in the basement, where boxes of N95 masks were lined up behind the counter. Each box contains 20 masks, and costs $38.
Making this situation very much worse is China's national holiday to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  The country literally grinds to a halt this time each year, which is the only "vacation" most Chinese get during the year.
The perfect storm...

100,000's of Chinese will spread the virus this week world wide while they have their holiday overseas. Many super spreaders are already suspected.
The fact that Chinese Health Authorities are mandating the wearing of masks in public means this virus is already out of control. 

Mandating droplet precautions for every person out in public is serious, and people will start to panic soon. Especially when they run out of masks.

Where are you going to find 11 million masks for the population of Wuhan, China?   And as this virus continues to spread, where will you find masks for all those people too?

Bad sign.

The "Official" death toll from a new virus spreading in China is now 17.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting today in Geneva, Switzerland, on whether to declare a global emergency. WHO to hold a press conference at 19:00 European time (2:00 PM New York City time) after its emergency session.

Hong Kong has reported its first case
Airports across the globe, including several in the U.S., have set up screenings of passengers for fever.
China’s deadly coronavirus may have the same death rate as Spanish flu, an expert has warned.

Deaths from the new virus rose to 17 on Wednesday with hundreds of cases now confirmed, increasing fears of widespread contagion.

The previously unknown, flu-like coronavirus strain is believed to have emerged from an animal market in central Wuhan city, with cases now detected as far away as the United States.

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 is widely regarded as “the deadliest in history”, and is believed to have infected around 500 million people worldwide and killing between 20 and 50 million.

Chinese officials have confirmed 440 cases of the new coronavirus strain - 2019-nCoV - so far, with 17 deaths.

Based on existing data, it is said to have a 2% death rate. This means that for every 50 people who catch the infection, one will statistically die.

To put this into context, around one in every 1,000 who develop flu die, giving it a death rate of 0.1%.

“This [2019-nCoV’s death rate] could be 2%, similar to Spanish flu,” Professor Neil Ferguson, from Imperial College London, said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned there is no specific treatment for coronaviruses

If the infection triggers pneumonia, doctors work to combat the complication.

When a virus is to blame - like 2019-nCoV - pneumonia may be treated via “antiviral medication”, according to the American Lung Association.

Yet, Professor Horby argued there is “no effective anti-viral”.

Public transportation such as bus, subway, ferry and long-distance bus in Wuhan will be temporarily closed FROM 10am Thursday. All flights and trains departing from Wuhan will be temporarily cancelled to reduce risk of spread of the new virus, local govt says. 

***** URGENT BULLETIN ***** 2:24 PM EST --- 
China has LOCKED-DOWN Wuhan, a city of 11 million.  Police are blocking all roads.  No one allowed in or out of city due to out-of-control virus spread.
No person is allowed in to or out of Wuhan, China "until further notice."
For people elsewhere . . . . When a biological Quarantine is enacted, Health Authorities cannot lift that Quarantine until TWO FULL INCUBATION PERIODS have elapsed.   There are still varying reports about the actual incubation period of THIS virus; some say four days, others say two weeks.
IF IT IS TWO WEEKS, then you have the initial Quarantine of two weeks, followed by another FOUR WEEKS where (hopefully) there are no new cases.
If YOU could not go out for a total of 6 weeks, do YOU have enough food in your house to feed yourself and your family?  If not, what do you think you would do?  You can't go out under penalty of arrest.  No one can come deliver to you because stores are all closed.  So what do you do?
Those of you with means, should arrange to get supplied with EMERGENCY FOOD.  Outlets specializing in that are shown below.  Get something so you can survive.


 And another Police Road Block:

 Third Roadblock Video:
No people in , C China's Hubei will be allowed to leave the city starting 10 a.m. of Jan. 23. Train stations and airport will shut down; the city bus, subway, ferry and long-distance shuttle bus will also be temporarily closed: local authority

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One Chinese source warned that the pattern of new cases suggest the 'first wave' of the virus's spread across China has finished, and a 'second wave' will soon be discovered in Chengdu, Hainan, Kunming, Xiamen and Nanning

REAL numbers!!

Intelligence Sources have detremined that a total of ~4,000 cases of 2019-nCoV in Wuhan City (uncertainty range: 1,000 – 9,700) had onset of symptoms by 18th January 2020 (the last reported onset date of any case).
US Pentagon has actually pulled CONPLAN 8888 off the shelves for updating!
Live from WHO press conference on novel  coronavirus.  Dr. Michael Ryan: Males represents 64% of the novel coronavirus infections. 72% have been over 40 years old, and in people who have underlying diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Wuhan virus: Rats and live wolf pups on 

the menu at China food market linked to 

virus outbreak

The Huanan Seafood Market came under greater scrutiny as Chinese officials said that the virus which has so far killed nine people and infected hundreds may have originated in a wild animal sold at the food emporium.
The Huanan Seafood Market came under greater scrutiny as Chinese officials said that the virus which has so far killed nine people and infected hundreds may have originated in a wild animal sold at the food emporium.PHOTO: EPA-EFE

The food market where China's deadly virus surfaced was a smorgasbord of exotic wildlife ranging from wolf pups to species linked to previous pandemics such as civets, according to vendor information and a Chinese media report.

The Huanan Seafood Market in the central city of Wuhan came under greater scrutiny on Wednesday (Jan 22) as Chinese officials said that the virus which has so far killed nine people and infected hundreds may have originated in a wild animal sold at the food emporium.

Past deadly epidemics have been blamed on wild animals - severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) was linked to Chinese consumption of civet meat - setting the Chinese authorities up for potential embarrassment if lax supervision of wildlife trafficking is found at fault in the latest outbreak.

A price list circulating on China's Internet for a business at the Wuhan market lists a menagerie of animals or animal-based products, including live foxes, crocodiles, wolf puppies, giant salamanders, snakes, rats, peacocks, porcupines, camel meat and other game - 112 items in all.

"Freshly slaughtered, frozen and delivered to your door," said the price list for the vendor, "Wild Game Animal Husbandry for the Masses".

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