Friday 24 January 2020

Food disappears from Wuhan stores as quarantine begins

Hal Turner often appears as a shock jock but his information is very often correct and well ahead of the mass media.

I cannot directly confirm his figures but secondary stories confirm a lot of what he was saying 1-2 days ago.

"Several people who’ve died from a new virus in China didn’t display symptoms of fever, potentially complicating global efforts to check for infected travelers as they arrive at airports and other travel hubs". 

Food GONE from Stores in Wuhan as Quarantine Begins; Price Gouging and Robberies Rampant

23 January, 2020

People in Wuhan, China, awoke today to news the city has been Quarantined over the outbreak of Coronavirus; no one allowed in or out of the city, and many of the eleven million citizens immediately panicked; heading to stores to buy food . . . clearing store shelves within an hour. There is now reportedly "NO FOOD" to be bought anywhere in the city.

Worse, people are reporting the prices charged rose to "5 to 8 times higher than normal price" and many people found themselves being ROBBED of their food as they traveled home!

No city in China has been Quarantined since at least the year 1949, and no one expected this Quarantine to take place in Wuhan.

When residents awoke today and heard the city was cut off, they PANICKED and tried to go buy food. FIGHTS are breaking out all over Wuhan as hungry people desperately try to buy food:


An Internal Government memo indicating that the RATE OF INFECTION of people in the city was fourteen percent (14%) translated into about 1,551,200 cases of Infection, and the MORTALITY RATE was four percent (4%), translating into 62,048 DEAD from the disease, changed the reality.

Chinese Army troops boarded trains last night in the city, and shut down the entire transportation system:

Buses, trains, ferries, and planes are all shut down.

Police road blocks sprang-up on EVERY major roadway, preventing anyone from driving in to the city -- and preventing everyone from leaving. Even foreign tourists cannot leave!

and here:
And here, too:

China's National Health Commission released information Thursday showing the disease has already spread to VERY MANY more places inside China:

Beijing, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Shaanxi Province, and Fujian Province to name just a few.

Worse, the government has just announced that ADDITIONAL CITIES WILL BE FULLY OR PARTIALLY QUARANTINED:

Huanggang (7 million people, starting at midnight) Partial lockdown

Ezhou (1 million people, limited to suspension of railway services)

The Sign Below in Ma City, a town near Wuhan, announces to residents the Virus has been found there too. It warns people NOT TO TRAVEL or Join anyone else to celebrate the Lunar New Year, but instead to just stay home.

In a DISASTROUS revelation, there have been confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in patients with no travel history to Wuhan, China's National Health Commission revealed today.

This reinforces the belief by many that this outbreak, is NOT a natural incident, but more likely related to a new, Level Four Bio Lab Built by China beginning in 2015, and made operational in January, 2018. Where did they build it? WUHAN!

The Wuhan Virology Lab is just two miles or so from the Fish Market where the outbreak allegedly began:

Prior to the beginning of lab operations, Doctors and other experts from around the world expressed fears the equipment and procedures being set up at the facility, "would not prevent escape of dangerous pathogens." Those warnings were ignored, and the lab was made active anyway.

This is a developing story. Updates will appear below. Check back . . . . 6:32 AM EST, January 23, 2020 . . . .


NOTICE GIVEN TO WUHAN JUST MINUTES AGO: “5pm to 9pm today, everyone must stay inside; as the infected patients are being transferred to specialized hospitals. The Chinese Air Force will begin to spread disinfectant powder over Wuhan today.

The Wuhan Virus is now being called WARS (Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome) as it is closely related to SARS.


Beijing, China just canceled all their new year activities.



Filter masks prevent tiny (microscopic) particles from going into your lungs. They can help protect you long enough for you to get home from work, school, or to evacuate from a contaminated / infected area. These will not function correctly if a man has any kind of beard. Beards MUST be shaven off or the mask will leak from the whiskers.

Here's what they look like:


They're inexpensive $8-$12 each. You should have at least one for each member of your family at home; in each family car and one for each of you while at work or school.

These filter masks are rated by the US Government's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Click Here for Various Quantities of NIOSH Model N100 Filter Masks


For people in the USA, One confirmed case is already in Seattle, WA, and a new REPORTED CASE is in Brooklyn, NY. . . . When a biological Quarantine is enacted, Health Authorities cannot lift that Quarantine until TWO FULL INCUBATION PERIODS have elapsed. There are still varying reports about the actual incubation period of THIS virus; some say four days, others say two weeks.

IF IT IS TWO WEEKS, then you have the initial Quarantine of two weeks, followed by another FOUR WEEKS where (hopefully) there are no new cases.

If YOU could not go out for a total of 6 weeks, do YOU have enough food in your house to feed yourself and your family? If not, what do you think you would do? You can't go out under penalty of arrest. No one can come deliver to you because stores are all closed. So what do you do?


Those of you with means, should arrange to get supplied with EMERGENCY FOOD. Outlets specializing in that are shown below. Get something so you can survive.


Chinese officials say a 3rd city, Chibi with a population of nearly half a million, will be put on lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus

*** BULLETIN ***

NO FEVER . . . Just Death

Several people who’ve died from a new virus in China didn’t display symptoms of fever, potentially complicating global efforts to check for infected travelers as they arrive at airports and other travel hubs". - National Health Commission of China

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