Monday 27 January 2020

An urgent voicemail from the evacuation zone

comments give a clue as to what she is saying:

are talking about govt locking down the city. Getting enough supplies
and warns to stay at home. The situation is very severe and disease
can go from asymptomatic to suffering really bad in a sudden and
quick way.

addition to others translation, which are all correct, she also said
she is so scared that she’s literally shaking. She knows a reliable
source that told her there will be a big news tomorrow. Their area
has had several cases that no any symptoms at all but suddenly drop

saying she heard from a source (her parent?) that there's going to be
a big announcement made by the local (Chengdu) CDC. Not sure exactly
what it would be, but unlikely to be city lockdown. She said to stock
up and stay at home. There's been a few cases where people..

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