Friday 27 June 2014

Oil pipeline explosion

This been a mystery. It turns out to have been an oil pipeline explosion near Tikrit in mid-April.

Aftermath of Oil Pipeline Explosion in Degla River

An known group of people blew up oil pipeline near Takreet in Iraq which caused oil leakage into Degla river and massive pollution

April 17, 2014

Militants on Thursday blew up two oil and gas pipelines in Iraq's northern Saladin province, a security official said.

"Militants detonated an explosive device near an oil pipeline and another near a gas pipeline in the town of Biji," Saladin Police Captain Omar al-Juburi told Anadolu Agency.

The explosions left thick black smoke in the air and oil spilling into the Tigris River, al-Juburi added, which prompted the local water authorities to cut off water supplies to the area's purification plants.

A water station was also completely burned down after local residents set fire to oil patches in the river, according to eyewitnesses.

"Water stations in [provincial capital] Tikrit and in the northern districts, along with southern-bound water pumps, might also be shut down within hours," said one Saladin water official.

Recent months have seen an uptick in violence across Iraq.

Tikrit in particular has seen recurrent bombings and attacks on security personnel and government buildings in recent months.

Observers warn that the recent surge in violence in Tikrit could impact April 30 parliamentary polls in the city.

Recent months have seen political upheaval across Iraq in general.

Meanwhile, the search revealed this from today - in India

15 killed in blast at GAIL pipeline in Andhra Pradesh

At least 15 people have been killed and 10 severely burnt in Andhra Pradesh after an explosion at a gas pipeline belonging to the state-owned Gas Authority of India Limited caused a massive fire.

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