Thursday 26 June 2014

America to destabilise China

Just like what the Americans have been doing to the Russians in the Caucasus for many years

U.S. plan to establish a network of Jihadi groups inside Myanmar to conduct terrorist activities against China

25 June, 2014

According to several corroborated news reports, CIA in order to mount more political pressure on China, intendeds to destabilizing this country by creating Jihadi terrorist groups, through collaboration with Saudi intelligence service and assistance provided by the regime in Myanmar.

CIA intends to fund these U.S.-made terrorist cells to infiltrate the Chinese area populated with Muslim ethnicity and stir public unrest specially in the remote Xinxiang province .

The terrorist attack which happened in March 2014 in Kunming rail station in Yunnan province was in accordance with CIA notorious ‘’regime change ‘’ plans in China.

Some Western governments are re-examining their long-standing reluctance to label Uighur unrest as Islamist terrorism. The U.S. government, which came under fire in Chinese media for not calling rail -station attack a terrorist act, has since used that term to describe other Xinjiang violence.

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