Sunday 29 June 2014

Neo-nazis in Moscow

What Russian fascists want for Russia

From a Russian friend - 

I enclose the video,which very graphically confirms my firm view that the "opposition" wants to turn Moscow into another Kiev and ultimately to another Damascus. They are trying every trick in the book. This is first swallow.
The banner reads: "Death to the Kremlin occupants."

So Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) is the only alternative indeed”.

And from the Saker

"Russia is barely standing up, still shaking and in many ways confused, but already it is resisting the capitalist rot which is corroding the western civilization and Russia is already (correctly) perceived as a threat by the western plutocracy....."

The following video was posted by a person or group called "yaebut", which, I imagine is a variation on the Russian word for "f...k".

The following one comments which I took from the page illustrates the sentiments of these monsters who want to bring to Russia the same as what the Right Sector brought to Kiev


ИУДА ПУТИН ВРАГ!!! Народ, когда вы выйдите на площадь, этот плешивый ублюдочный выродок отдаст своим снайперам стрелять в людей!!! Будьте готовы к этому, ВООРУЖАЙТЕСЬ ,он будет стрелять в вас!!! Но вы должны быть сильнее!!! Пора режиму путина выпустить кишки!!!

JUDAS PUTIN ENEMY!!! People, when you enter the square, this bald bastard geek give his snipers to shoot at people!!! Be ready for it, ARM ,he will shoot you!!! But you have to be stronger!!! It is time for the Putin regime to release his guts!!!

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