Sunday 29 June 2014

Ukraine: The humanitarian situation

110,000 people – all gone to visit their relatives in Russia - lol

UN says 110,000 have fled to Russia from Ukraine

Geneva. Some 110,000 people have fled to Russia from Ukraine while more than 54,000 have been displaced inside the conflict-torn country, the UN said Friday, AFP reported.

"Since the start of 2014, 110,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Russia," said Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman for the UN's refugee agency, adding that most were thought to be from the east of the country.

"Of those 110,000, only 9,500 have requested asylum. Most people are seeking other forms of legal stay, often because they're concerned about complications involving seeking asylum or since there might be reprisals if they return to Ukraine," she said, without elaborating.

The world according to Jen Psaki

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