Tuesday 24 June 2014

Were the Kiev junta preparing to flee to Poland?

Interesting article on what might have also contributed to today's sudden direct talk of the Kiev junta with the People's Republics of the Donbass. Novorossiya's emerging army got a number of tanks from a seized large depot just a few days ago and the junta leaders thought for a while that Russian invasion and Russian tanks are already coming in and they were close to fleeing to Poland. Reportedly, this happened on June 20. And the junta suddenly became much more reasonable and sensitive to imperatives of peace.

This is, at least, in a nutshell what this story says and I would say that, while much remains uncertain, the old proverb that for any smoke there must be some fire seems to apply here.

--Vladimir Suchan

The Ukrainian authorities wanted to flee to Poland after reports of troops of the Russian Federation
Украинские власти хотели сбежать в Польшу после сообщений о вводе войск РФ

21 June, 2014

June 20, The brave Ukrainian government was ready to pack your bags and flee to Poland after the appearance in the Ukrainian media reports that Russian tanks entered the territory of Ukraine.

It all started with the fact that well-planned militia DND operation in Artemovsk led to the seizure of a/h And-2730, which is located over 200 tanks, 183 BMP and 288 of the APC. A given number of military equipment is enough to collect mechanized brigade. Enough to patch up some samples and find ammo. The biggest problem remains the lack of a sufficient number of tankers, especially mechanics-mechanics and gunners, so it was decided to introduce the technique in parts, as people search and picking crews, writes a site "Antifa" with reference to the blogger from Sevastopol Boris Rozhina.

This failure of the Ukrainian law enforcers under Artemivsk is so scared of the country's leadership that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk for a few hours was knocked down.

Further, the situation worsened and the rumors that Russia invaded on the Ukrainian territory. Even had convened an emergency meeting of the NSDC staff were trained helicopters to evacuate the leaders of the country. At 15.00 local time, the acting head of the defense Ministry Mikhail Koval had to give a press conference to the media, on which he was about to make a statement about the beginning of Russian occupation. In fact received intelligence spoke about allegedly raised in tanks flags of the Russian Federation.

According to witnesses of what is happening in the Cabinet and on Bankova street, where many government buildings, the situation is very much like what happened in Georgia when its President, Mikhail Saakashvili, said that Russian tanks approached to a distance of 90 km from Tbilisi. Frightened, he started to chew on the subject of his wardrobe.

This situation suggests that the Ukrainian army as such is virtually non-existent. Broken down and hungry draftees, which thugs oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky driven to slaughter, will not last long. All this brings the verdict of the entire Ukrainian government elite, which is aware that it seized power temporarily.

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