Monday 30 June 2014

Earth events

HOLY SHIT; Spent fuel pools in Fukushima and WIPP in New Mexico. 
We've been having them in NZ as well but below 4.0

7.2M earthquake in the South Atlantic...... 6.2M earthquake in Japan...... 5.2M earthquake in Arizona.... all within hours of each other..
Full post with screenshots and links here:

....and the South Pacific

A large 7.2M earthquake has struck the South Atlantic at the South Sandwich Islands.

No Tsunami warning issued luckily, however very sizable for the region, and comes on top of other activity worth noting (seen below).

USGS earthquake information for this event:
Also from earlier today - 

Strong quakes between Tonga, Fiji, Samoa

A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the South Pacific islands of Wallis and Futuna in the early hours of Monday, following another powerful earthquake off Tonga.

The United States Geological Survey says the latest quake hit at 5:15 am local time and occurred 205 kilometres southeast of the Wallis and Futuna capital of Mata-Utu, at a depth of 10 kilometres.

It came less than two hours after a 6.4-magnitude quake struck off Tonga.
Neither generated tsunami alerts and there were no immediate reports of damage.

The undersea quake off Tonga hit at 3:52 am on Sunday and was 197 kilometres northwest of the town of Hihifo.

The epicentre was also at a depth of 10 kilometres.,-fiji,-samoa

SRCLocationUTC Date/timeMDINFO
ERI Felt A (not Listed) EarthquakeJun 29 23:594.60MAP I Felt It
USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 22:404.929MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 22:404.929MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCTongaJun 29 18:245.910MAP I Felt It
GEOFONTonga IslandsJun 29 18:245.910MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSHihifo, TongaJun 29 18:245.610MAP I Felt It
USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 17:335.110MAP I Felt It
GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 17:335.010MAP I Felt It
EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 17:335.040MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSZaqatala, AzerbaijanJun 29 17:265.234MAP I Felt It
  • Ucar - Very strong earthquake
  • GEOFONEastern CaucasusJun 29 17:265.210MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCaucasus Region, RussiaJun 29 17:265.120MAP I Felt It
    EMSCTongaJun 29 17:156.610MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSMata-utu, Wallis And FutunaJun 29 17:156.810MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONTonga IslandsJun 29 17:156.710MAP I Felt It
    USGSMata-utu, Wallis And FutunaJun 29 17:156.710MAP I Felt It
    WCATWCSamoa Islands RegionJun 29 17:156.89MAP I Felt It
    EMSCOff Coast Of Hokkaido, JapanJun 29 16:344.610MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONOff Coast Of Hokkaido, JapanJun 29 16:344.638MAP I Felt It INFO
    PTWCSamoa Islands RegionJun 29 16:006.810MAP I Felt It
    WCATWCSamoa Islands RegionJun 29 15:536.89MAP I Felt It
    USGSMata-utu, Wallis And FutunaJun 29 15:526.810MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSamoa Islands RegionJun 29 15:526.510MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSamoa Islands RegionJun 29 15:526.510MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSHihifo, TongaJun 29 15:526.410MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 14:325.810MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 14:325.710MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 14:325.92MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 14:205.710MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 14:205.610MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 14:205.630MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 13:415.010MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 13:415.030MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 12:115.110MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 12:115.010MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 12:115.130MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 12:054.910MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 12:054.910MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCFlores SeaJun 29 09:594.7539MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONFlores SeaJun 29 09:594.7533MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSLittle Sitkin Island, AlaskaJun 29 08:544.890MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONRat Islands, Aleutian IslandsJun 29 08:545.088MAP I Felt It
    EMSCRat Islands, Aleutian IslandsJun 29 08:544.989MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 08:285.210MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 08:285.160MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 08:285.110MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 08:215.210MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 08:215.140MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 08:215.110MAP I Felt It INFO
    WCATWCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 07:537.235MAP I Felt It
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 07:527.224MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSVisokoi Island,Jun 29 07:526.916MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 07:526.810MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSouth Sandwich Islands RegionJun 29 07:526.933MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONNorthern Molucca SeaJun 29 07:194.960MAP I Felt It
    EMSCMolucca SeaJun 29 07:195.11MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSBitung, IndonesiaJun 29 07:195.034MAP I Felt It
    WCATWC15 Miles Se Of Denali Park Hdqts. AlaskaJun 29 06:594.69MAP I Felt It
    USGSCantwell, AlaskaJun 29 06:584.612MAP I Felt It
    EMSCCentral AlaskaJun 29 06:584.730MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONCentral AlaskaJun 29 06:584.711MAP I Felt It
    EMSCVolcano Islands, Japan RegionJun 29 05:566.234MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSIwo Jima, JapanJun 29 05:566.243MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONVolcano Islands, Japan RegionJun 29 05:566.244MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONEastern ArizonaJun 29 04:595.310MAP I Felt It
  • Oro Valley - windows rattled, pictures on the wall moved, lights and fans on the ceiling shook, and liquid in a bottle of gatorade moved. side to side rolling motion
  • Phoenix - Just felt like the room wobbled a little. Woke up the cat, but that's it. I'm on the third floor.
  • Scottsdale - No damage. Felt shaking - sliding glass doors rattled.
  • Benson, AZ - Just after 10pm a slight shaking was experienced and noticed by all 3 people in the household. Sitting on the couch, the couch felt as if it were shaking.
  • Tucson - Very short with moderate shaking felt by everyone in the home.
  • Portal, AZ - No damage. Two distinct shakes at about 10 p.m.
  • Show Low - co-workers freaked out. TV giggled. desk and chairs moved oh so slightly
  • Holbrook, AZ - Like someone was behind my chair lightly shaking it
  • Tucson Az - lasting about 5 sec
  • Elfrida - **
  • Tucson - Tucson, AZ. Pantano and Broadway. Entire building shook back and forth.
  • Tombstone, AZ - The table and dishes shook, but there were no damages.
  • Tucson - Shook my three story apt building.
  • Tucson - felt slight shaking around 10pm
  • Safford - Mild shaking 3-4 sec
  • Phoenix - No
  • Benson - Our house trembled, a house 9 miles away wall cracked
  • Mesa, AZ - Chimney cap rattled. Felt slight floor shake on first floor.
  • Benson, Arizona - Shook everything inside the house very noticeably
  • Tucson - Furniture and floor shook for several seconds.
  • Tucson - No damage, bit felt the entire house shake. Heard some things in the kitchen rattle.
  • Safford - House shook pretty good for about 7-10 seconds. A little frightening, but not to bad. No damage to the house, just a little scary.
  • Tucson - We all felt a slight shake around the whole office/building.
  • Tucson - Thought the dog was bumping into the furniture at first and then it was more of a recognizable jolt.
  • Tucson - Couch we were sitting on shook, it was frightening.
  • Socorro, NM - No damage. Two people independently felt it. Hanging pot, blinds, and hanging light swayed slightly, but noticeably.
  • Benson, AZ - Noticable shaking when laying in bed. Celing fan swayed; No damage.
  • Benson,AZ - No damage so far.
  • SE Gilbert - living in two story home, felt shaking, no damage as far as we can tell
  • Safford - @10 seconds, windows and glass door rattling, dish,s and silverware on kitchen counter top rattled, small items rattled. Severity ramped up and then stopped,sound also very distinctive and it ramped up. Just watched program on the Japan quake and the sound recording of it earlier today, definitely the same sound.
  • Bisbee - Shook the house in bisbee
  • Miami, AZ - I am not aware of any damage as of yet. I was propped up on pillow against wall when I felt the wall move.
  • Tucson, AZ - Everything in apartment was shaking, nothing was damaged but definitely frightening.
  • Silver city nm - The house started shaking and the doors were rattling hard. No cracks or items broken.
  • Benson - I am in a travel trailer and felt shaking. I thought my dog was scratching his ear, which makes the trailer shake in a repetitive manner. He was sound asleep, and I knew then that it was an earthquake.
  • Tucson - Felt like my condo was pushed, floor, walls, bed moved
  • Tucson - Rocked my chair back and forth.
  • Tucson - Mellow roll with creaking in the house, very intense and unmistakable having grown up in NorCal
  • Tucson - Sitting in bed, definitely felt the bed swaying lightly. HD to be sitting still and awake to feel it, as my wife was sleeping and was not woken
  • Tucson - The chair I was sitting on shook. I saw the wall move in a wave.
  • Silver City, NM - Felt 2 very strong shakes in my mobile home around 11:30pm 6/28. No damage just could not understand why things were shaking so much!!
  • Tucson - Couch rocked back and forth noticeably, the house creaked too.
  • Tucson - None.
  • Tucson - Only felt this one because I was resting, felt like a cushy but somewhat sharp minor rocking. Water in glass was moving a bit and I could hear a minor cracking sound from the ceiling as the building settled.
  • Saddlebrooke - Chair shook, water in glass waved on coffee table , pictures on wall jingled. Felt 2 different waves about 10 to 15 second apart. 1st one lasting 8 seconds the 2nd abut 5 seconds.
  • Vail - Felt a low shake while in bed no damage.
  • Safford - Shook house and rattled the windows. Very scary
  • Tucson - Entire three story apartment building shook, no damage
  • Benson, AZ - House felt like it was moving
  • Mesa, AZ - No damage. Live in second floor and while lying in bed, the bed shook
  • Tucson - Shook the chair I was sitting in.
  • Snowflake - Chair felt like vibrated for a second - no damage
  • Tucson - Rocked my chair where the front slightly lifted off the ground.
  • Safford - To dark to tell
  • Tucson - Was actually no more than 1-2 seconds of very minimal movement. Those in tucson that say it was 5 seconds or more, or that it was strong probably have never lived in a place with quakes and it seemed to them bigger and longer than actual.
  • Phoenix - @10pm was laying on couch felt shaking on 4th floor of apt building. Dishes rattled in cabinet. Never felt a quake before.
  • Safford - Ceiling fan swinging lightly, glass shaking, felt like house was shaking. A little frightening.
  • Tucson - Third floor apartment was shaking, similar to the vibration of a door slamming very hard, lasting for about 10 seconds.
  • Las Cruces - At first, I thought it was the Air Force flying Raptors at night. Then the side to side motion started. Not enough to knock anything down, but enough for me to recognize it was an earthquake.
  • Chandler, Arizona - Lying in bed felt light shaking for a couple seconds then a pause then shaking for about 4 seconds. No damage.
  • Mimbres - Lasted 10-15 seconds, whole house started to shake really hard, it startled my husband and I, we realized it wasn't wind related and that it was an earthquake!
  • South Tucson - Felt couch moving.
  • Vail, AZ - My new two story home shook but don't see any damage so far.
  • Clifton AZ - The ground shook just enough to make me go, "what was that?". It was not scary, just took me by surprise.
  • Tucson 85704 - no damage - I live in small casita, felt sofa I was on move moderately for 10 seconds, window rattled slightly
  • Tucson - House shook for 5-10sec, downtown Tucson
  • Tucson - Sitting on recliner when it felt like someone Was shaking it and the lamps swayed pretty good. Made me a bit dizzy, so weird
  • Safford Arizona - Live 12 miles south of Safford, AZ., Dogs were outside, acting agitated. Was wondering why and was about to go outside to check on them. Heard loud rumbling first. Then house shook about 10-15 seconds. Other dogs inside, acting scared,tails tucked. then shaking started. Have two story house, upstairs shook worse than downstairs. We immediately knew it was an earthquake. Have been in southwest my whole life and have never felt an earthquake till tonight. Will check for damage in daylight.
  • Douglas AZ - **
  • Tucson - No damage here but my windows and walls were shaking I live in a apartment so we can fill everything. Thought people were running on my ceiling I live upstairs so I got scared and right after that happened we heard gun shots so I didn't know what to think was happening out there
  • Nogales - Felt chair move slightly.
  • Douglas - The whole house shook for a few seconds.
  • Oro Valley - I was working and my computer started shaking. Things in my office rattled. Lasted less than 5 seconds. Pretty cool though!
  • Tucson - I was sitting in my chair and it shook as if someone was standing behind me shaking my chair.
  • Benson Az - No damage. PC monitor moved a couple of inches. Just kind of rolled on through.
  • Arenas Valley - Felt another slight tremor, likely an aftershock. It rattled my chair.
  • Chandler - Was watching TV and the walls vibrated for about 4 seconds, stopped and then vibrated again for 2 seconds.
  • Casa Grande - Felt the couch gently shaking for a few seconds, then again a few seconds later. Nothing major. Just strange to feel an earthquake here.
  • Benson, AZ - really weird experience. I've lived in Washington State, and California. This was weird for Arizona.
  • Vail - Very cool. Felt some shaking and heard glass rattle in the kitchen... didn't think much of it till a minute later when I realized was the whole house at the same time.
  • Duncan Arizona - Pictures fell off the walls, Pots fell on the floor also kitchen cabinets opened up. Just before then th
  • Douglas - Shook the house !!
  • Tucson - 3rd floor of the resort at Loews Ventana watching movie and bed shook about 5 seconds.
  • Tucson 85715 - I'm on the 1st level of a 2 level, small 8 unit apt. building (amongst community of diff. sized bldgs) lying in a hosp bed in livingroom @ 10pm & felt bed mildly shaking for just a brief few seconds two times in a row, I think. My roommate was standing up still 6 or 7 ft from me as I described shaking to her immediately afterwards. She didn't feel it it was so weak here in Tucson at the Tanque Verde Apt. complex!
  • Safford - Just felt another shake small but noticeable
  • Show Low Az - Felt the whole house swaying underneath me.
  • Las Cruces NM - I noticed my chair moving, almost like being on a boat. I thought it might be my imagination, until my wife came in from another room saying she just felt an earthquake. She had the same experience, feeling her chair moving. It lasted about 3 to five seconds.
  • Silver City NM - A few seconds of shake. No observable damage tonight; will check in daylight. Was in Balto., Md few years ago for similar-size quake--felt much more there.
  • Tucson - My couch started moving & I didn't know what was happening.
  • Tucson - My friend noticed the table shaking first, then I noticed the orchid near her was swinging several inches from side to side and then I was aware that the lawn chair I was sitting in was swaying gently from side to side. No house noise but all the neighborhood dogs were barking together.
  • Catalina - Catalina, Arizona, felt it twice, once slightly, then just seconds later, my chair really rocked, husband felt it in living room S well
  • Sierra Vista - No damage. Watching movie and couch started to vibrate and heard windows rattle. Dogs jumped up out of their sleep and started sniffing around.
  • Scottsdale - I felt a rolling sensation just as the 10 o clock news was starting. The rolling lasted approximately 10 seconds. It felt similar to many of the earthquakes I experienced while living in LA from 1989 to 1999. There was no damage.
  • Mesa - It was wierd at first I thought it was a plane flying to low to the houses, because you got that vibration and rumble feeling but looking up their were no planes. The windows vibrated to the quakes movement and it was just something that can't really be explained.
  • Show Low, AZ 8901 - At about 10 p.m. I felt the couch where I was sitting shook (similar to someone kicking the back of the car seat), then noticed the lampshade to my left shaking. Movement was from south to north. Probably lasted about 5 to 10 seconds. No damage
  • Fort McDowell - Was doing sum bead work when this happen
  • Las Cruces - I was laying down watching tv and just randomly felt my bed shaking for about 3-5 seconds.
  • Thatcher - No damage observed yet. House shook and moved for 3-5 seconds. Could feel the ground moving/swaying beneath feet.
  • Tucson - My house was rocking like a see saw, lots of creaking and floor was moving. It felt like my roof was swaying and one end of the house was sinking. Dogs were barking crazily.
  • Morenci, AZ - My entire apt building shook and vibrated like we lived in NYC apartments 15 feet away from the subway/train.
  • Thatcher - Was in the basement when quake hit. Felt shaking for about 10 seconds. No damage.
  • Safford - Sitting outside, shook for about 30 sec, the tiki torches were swaying abit, with a low deep rumbling
  • Tucson - Sitting on leather chair inside house with 1" thick, floating hardwood floors on top of cement slab foundation: felt earth movement (not shaking)from north to south for about 3 seconds. Gained intensity as it moved on the hilltop. No movement of household goods; no windows/doors rattling. Did have that dizzy feeling, typical during/after stronger quakes. This was not the deep underground plate clashing that I've felt in Southern CA earthquakes.
  • Tucson - No damage just felt shaking
  • Tucson - No damage but crazy shaking. Like an off center washing machine
  • Safford, AZ - Earthquake between Clifton and Duncan
  • Whetstone - Bed shook a little bit. Thought it was my cat under the bed at first, but she was laying beside me on the bed. Lasted maybe five seconds or so.
  • Safford - Whole house shook for a good 20 seconds. I heard the rumble and shake, thought it was maybe a low flying helicopter at first. Felt 2 'waves' of the shake. We were all a bit scared. After inspecting all the rooms, the only thing that was disturbed was a canvas picture in my kitchen, it was just tilted a bit :)
  • Tucson - My chair moved,ripple effect in my home.
  • Globe AZ - We live in a Rv and the whole thing was rocking back and forth
  • Duncan - No damage was noticed on our property. Although there was damage to a road in Duncan Arizona in which the road actually cracked. No other known damages have been reported.
  • Tucson - Just a few shakes, then it was gone. No damage.
  • Vail - At about 10 PM there was a loud explosion (like fire works or transformer, saw nothing outside) them mild tremor for about 2-3 seconds. Did not lose power nor mild interruption in power.
  • Phoenix - I live on the 16th floor of a high rise building in Downtown Phoenix. Definitely felt the building sway. Very odd sensation!
  • Tucson - House shook. No damage, but it sure freaked us out!
  • Wind Canyon, NM - It woke me from a sound sleep when the bed jolted quite hard and then shook and rattled for a short time. Bed seemed to vibrate for a while after that. It was very disorienting.
  • Corona de Tucson - Explosion type sound that startled me awake, shaking wall hangings .... then smooth rolling, swaying of bed and floor for about 10 seconds. Obviously, quite unusual for Arizona. No visible damage.
  • Morenci - Items fell off self in kitchen and whole house shook
  • Douglas - I felt a slight vibration around 10 pm which seemed to last for approximately 3 - 5 seconds while sitting on the sofa.
  • Tucson - Slight shaking. Wasn't really sure what it was at first. No property damage.
  • Scottsdale - Just spooked. As a California native, I've grown up with quakes. So just around 10 when I was jolted awake by the shaking, I thought I was dreaming. It did feel like seconds of a hard shake at first (like someone shaking the mattress) and then a calmer shake. It only took the first seconds for me to realize this was a real quake. No damage though. Felt no aftershocks. Awoke relieved to see others posting on this as well.
  • Albuquerque - I was in bed trying to sleep when I felt the bed/room shake for a few seconds. It was subtle, but I snapped awake and immediately thought 'earthquake.' I didn't find out until the next morning about the 5.3 in eastern Arizona.
  • Tucson - Felt a roar then shaking. Thought maybe a low flying fighter plane was overhead until I realized it was an actual quake.
  • Tucson - My bed shook for a little less than a minute.
  • Alpine - I was sitting on the couch and it moved subtly in a north-south direction for about 3 to 4 seconds. I've never felt an earthquake but knew that's what it was. Heard the house "crack" as if mildly settling. No damage, didn't wake my husband or dog ;-)
  • Safford - Rumble & strong shaking woke me up! Lasted approx. 30 seconds. Heard clanking of kitchen pots in kitchen. Thought it was an earthquake but thought that was impossible! My husband & our dogs had fallen asleep in the den, all of them slept through the entire episode! No damage to the house. Pretty scary event!
  • east tucson - I felt it around 10 p.m. Last night I was downstairs my son was upstairs I just felt pressure like the whole upstairs was caving in on me my son told me he was on the bed and the bed was shaking thanks for posting I thought I was crazy but obviously i know now we went through an earthquake
  • Clifton, Az - The entire house was a constant tremble and shake for 30 seconds, startling enough-it seemed strong. Live in a new home built 7 months ago but the windows were rattling. I don't have much on the walls to fall so no damages. In addition, 30 minutes later I felt another tremor and was the same force lasting around 20 seconds.
  • Tucson - Entire house shook twice, the couch I was sitting on, the walls, stairs outside, ceiling made noise. We haven't seen any damage.
  • Las Cruces - Just watching TV and felt a light vibration. Thought I was imagining it because the dogs barely made any notice of it. My daughter told me that it really was an earthquake and she had felt it also. No damage here.
  • apache junction - I felt it, but blamed it on my dogs,they obviously felt it and reacted like they do to fireworks...
  • Tucson - Just before 10 pm, the sofa jumped and my daughter in another room felt/saw the walls move and fan sway. I knew immediately that it was an earthquake because I lived thru the 7.5 earthquake in Costa Rica two years ago. So felt exhilarating rather than frightening.
  • Juarez - Very minor shaking for about 5 seconds felt in 2nd floor, not very noticeable.
  • Phoenix - My condo creaked and then my bed shook.....I've been in a couple earthquakes before and knew it was an earthquake. It's a feeling you don't forget and not like anything else.
  • scottsdale - Weird sensation, it felt as if the couch was rolling then I felt a bit light-headed.
  • Morenci, AZ - No known damage, but my bed shook noticeably, chandelier swung, and I could hear a low rumbling associated with the shaking.
  • tucson - Sleeping in bed and started shaking. Scarry feeling. In the morning noticed that my bed had moved an inch an a half from the wall. Due to the carpet inprints. Also my tv had moved.
  • EMSCArizonaJun 29 04:595.32MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Tucson - It was somewhat frightening but as a geosciences major, it was an excellent educational opportunity. It was interesting to experience longitudinal waves firsthand rather than listen to an instructor lecture about them. No damage was inflicted on my house to my knowledge.
  • USGSLordsburg, New MexicoJun 29 04:595.25MAP I Felt It
  • T or C - 3 seconds of very minimal shaking.
  • Mammoth - Felt our whole house shaking. Never experienced anything like that before!
  • Bisbee - Shook everything in the house down here in bisbee
  • Arenas Valley - Shook our entire trailer. 5-10 seconds.
  • Whetstone, AZ - No damage. Items just rattled around dramatically. Ie pictures off balance... Bird cage, glasses in the kitchen...
  • Bisbee - Bed moved and lamps rattled.
  • Lordsburg, NM - Heard rumbling, dishes in kitchen rattled. Sounded as if someone was stomping on roof, house is solid and still shook the house.
  • Las Cruces - Was watching TV and my bed move just a bit.
  • Lordsburg - I heard it first, like a huge jumbo jet, then it shook for a few seconds. My brother who lives near, at first thought it was a low flying helicopter, then experienced the shaking as I did. My first experience like this here. Felt one in Utah years ago. This seemed more sustained. It really spooked my dog. I went outside to check the weather for a major wind event but it had ended already. I'll check for damage in the morning. None apparent now.
  • Deming - Weak shaking
  • Silver City - Light tremor at first then 4 or 5 second tremor after.
  • Silver City, NM 88061 - There was a real loud noise and house started to shake. It was intense. It spooked my dogs and me both. It didn't last too long.
  • Silver City - Room shook pretty well for just nigh of 10 seconds.
  • Hurley - Felt a few really light shacks first, followed but a probably 4 second stronger shaking that made me think that if it lasted longer that the house might fall of the foundation (blocks). The couch rattled and and something fell off a shelf.
  • Santa Clara NM - I didn't know what it was .it felt odd!! Like a vibration for about 10-15 seconds
  • Redrock - Was a crescendo from light, to moderate, and then tapering off. About 10-15 seconds. Followed by a lighter 3.5 a while later.
  • Silver City - Dogs next door began to bark....we heard a rumbling and thought it was s Med evac. Then realized we were vibrating and glass items were shaking....a little scary afterward just at the thought...
  • Lordsburg, NM - Shook the nursing home in Lordsburg for about 10-15 seconds. Nothing damaged but shook enough to scare us a little.
  • Sierra Vista - Chair I was sitting in shook from side to side, caused my parrot to fall off his perch, dog jumped up and was scared. Felt an after shock that shook the bed a little later
  • Benson, AZ - Felt my bed move. Woke me up
  • Tucson - Shook all of my Mother's roosters on top of the kitchen cabinets. Lasted about 5 seconds.
  • Silver City - Wow, never felt one before
  • Silver City, NM - I was unaware that New Mexico ever experienced earthquakes. Being from CA, I knew what was up when I heard the deep ground roll prior to the actual tremors. What a surprise.
  • McNeal - No known damage, but the floor moved, and multiple people on the ranch experienced it.
  • Vail, Az - I was on the sofa and thought my husband was shaking the sofa behind me,which made me turn around. Also heard rumbling. Meanwhile, my husband was asleep in bed and woke up when he felt the bed shake from side to side. He thought he was dreaming until I told him about my experience this morning.
  • Deming - I felt the bed shaking as I had already gone to bed sometime after 10 pm. Lasted about 10 seconds. I did not know what it was until I heard the news this morning. I thought the dogs were bouncing around the bed but the dogs slept right through it! No noticeable damage.
  • tucson - My bozo husband insisted it was the kids outside running up and down the stairs. I looked at him and said really???? They caused the walls and floor to shake?????? My cat and I just looked at each other. He is clueless!!!!!! Lol
  • Mangas - Two periods of shaking, noise as well. After shock about 20 minutes later.
  • Scottsdale - Just felt like someone was shaking me
  • Tucson, AZ - House creaked only. No movement felt.
  • Silver City - I was awakened from a deep sleep by my bed shaking and windows rattling loudly. My bed is very heavy and rests on carpet and it shook so hard I did not try to sit up. It did not last long and I was confused because I was not aware that I lived in a seismic zone.
  • Duncan, az - It shook our double wide quite a bit knocked over some pictures on tables and knocked a statue that was on a shelf above tv broke it. Woke up my daughter and it lasted kind of long for an earthquake about 30 to 45 sec.
  • Scottsdale - Like someone was shaking me
  • Central Phoenix - Around 10pm last night, my husband cam downstairs and asked if I had just felt house shake. I told him no but he felt it on the 2nd level of our townhome. We reside in Central Phoenix.
  • Truth or Consequences, NM - shaking motion north to south for about 3-5 seconds
  • Oro Valley - I live in a modular home, felt like the washer was on and clothes werent balanced. Light overhead started moving back and forth.
  • Tucson, AZ - Was sitting up in bed and felt the bed slightly shaking for a few seconds. Enough to make me stop watching t.v. and think, "what just happend?!?!" When it was done I heard the house settle. Pretty cool!!, never in my life did I think I would ever feel an earthquake!
  • Vail az 85641 - Watching a movie on tv. Felt the couch vibrate for 3 seconds. Daughter called 1/2 hour later, said the earth quake was all over Facebook.
  • Bowie, AZ - We live 12 miles south of Bowie in the foothills near Fort Bowie. Woken up by deep rumbling sound and plates rattling for a few minutes around 10 pm. Then heard some rumbling (but no plates shaking) maybe 10-20 minutes later. Almost back asleep when rumbling came and plates shook again a little after 11 pm. No damage that I know of, but that was pretty cool!
  • Tucson - I was sitting at my laptop and could feel the ground shaking under my chair and my laptop was shaking. I also heard a sound before or during the shaking that sounded like a wind going through the wash or through a canyon. So weird.
  • Tucson - No damage -- a sideways shift of a chair I was outside sitting in, only one movement, and to the south.
  • Santana Clara, NM - Was laying down and I felt the bed shake and the window, walls and door were rattling. Never felt anything like this before
  • Silver City NM - My husband and I were awake watching tv while he rubbed my aching feet and our dog was lying on a chair next to us in the living room - we did not feel absolutely any shaking. Went to bed about 10:30 pm then around 11 pm got a phone recording on our cell phones stating there had been a 5.3 earthquake. In the morning my mother, whom lives about 2.5 miles away from us, asked me if there'd been an earthquake - while sitting on her sofa she felt it shake and felt the floor vibrate under her feet.
  • Tucson - Lasted about 10 seconds, felt like something was under my bed trying to lift it to get out.
  • Dragoon , AZ. - Awakened at about 10 PM by light shaking and slight rocking of our permanently fixed mobile home....lasted 5 -10 seconds.
  • San simon - thought a train derailed at first but then my house started swaying like a boat then very Loud humble I thought windows were going to burst, lasted about ten seconds
  • Santa Clara - woken up from my sleep. bed, windows and pictures on the wall shaking and rattling.
  • Tucson - My dtr & I were sitting on the couch and experienced what felt like a small wave lifting & rolling beneath the couch, the whole house shuddered. It was a bit disconcerting. No damage noted at present.
  • Tombstone AZ - Wake around 10PM to light shaking of bed - no damage
  • T or C NM - My whole trailer shook for about 4-6 seconds
  • Santa Clara - windows and pictures on walls rattling. shaken awake.
  • Socorro - Just layed down in bed, I was still awake, and all of a sudden my bed rolled about 4 inches then a couple seconds later it rolled back again... felt like movement on a boat.
  • tucson - No damage but a little spooky.
  • Tucson, AZ - No discernible damage. Felt very weird: not harsh or vigorous shaking, but as if we were perched on a rocking horse (toy). Even the walls were rocking--that's what made it feel so weird as if the "dimension" were bending back and forth. Lasted maybe 7-8 seconds. VERY noticeable.
  • Nogales AZ - No damage
  • Tucson - About 9:58p on 6/28/2014 felt a sudden shake like something hit the side of the house.
  • Show Low - Heard a kind of a rumbling and felt the chair I was sitting in shaking. Mini blinds and pictures on the wall were rattling. At first I thought it was from an 18 wheeler or something driving through the neighborhood. I'm going to say it lasted around 8 seconds. No damage.
  • Tucson - shook couch and chair we were sitting in, rattled mirror leaning against wall
  • Tucson - Having just moved to Arizona from the Seattle area last year, I knew what it was immediately. My Seattle brain said, "Hmm, about a 2.5." It was a definite side-to-side swaying motion that lasted about five seconds. The lights flickered slightly. My daughter, who lives about three miles from me, didn't feel a thing.
  • Oro Valley - Felt vibration as I was sitting on couch thought I was nuts.
  • rural - sometime before 10:00 p.m., a large painting above my bed fell on my head(!). Dogs ran for cover. Don't believe I felt any shaking, so perhaps just coincidental?
  • Hatch - Rattled windows and you could feel the bed rocking!
  • silver city - Wow... in this area usually experience strong winds, that makes it seem like our mobile home is shaking n rattling really bad. So last night when I felt like the couch was moving under me n a uneasy pressure like feeling??? I couldn't figure what exactly I was experiencing. as I couldn't hear the winds as I normally do. Then this morning it was what everyone is talking about n its all over the internet. Should also add it only lasted a few seconds.
  • Tucson - Shook house for 10-15 seconds.
  • Tucson - Last night I noticed a shaking and went outside because I thought it was an earthquake, I found out today that there was an earthquake in Lordsburg, NM right around that very time.
  • Silver City - Woke me up. Couldn't figure out what it was until I heard it on the news.
  • Tucson.Az - No damage, but strong shaking of windows, felt the couch shake
  • las cruces - Was watching tv, dog stood up and looked at me funny, then I felt a shutter and heard a rumble. I had no clue it was an earthquake until I signed into my social media an hour later! My very first earthquake and I thought someone got out of bed. Haha!
  • Tucson - We heard a boom sound on the ceiling first as if something heavy had dropped then it shook the floor and ceiling in our break room on the top floor of the airport as we were sitting at the table..wondered what it was but didn't think it could've been an earthquake. A contracted employee told us what had happened and that people were screaming outside when it happened. No damage or injuries that we heard of..too cool
  • Douglas, Arizona - It was right at ten o'clock we felt substantial shaking so much that a few things fell off the shell and onto the floor. The shaking probably lasted about 10 seconds at most and we have not discovered any damage other than the things that fell off the shelf. I definitely don't consider what I felt light.
  • Tucson - Felt and sounded like an enormous semi-truck was coming down our driveway
  • Tucson - Heard a boom on the ceiling of our break room on the top floor of the airport. Then the floor vibrated and shook along with the ceiling. We didn't think it could've been an earthquake but a contracted airport employee told us what had happened and that people outside were screaming when the earthquake made its appearance. No injuries or damage that we know of. Glad it wasn't worse..we have a story to tell now..
  • Silver City - I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the ground rumbling, like something big was coming. Then everything shook for a few seconds (not hard enough to knock things over or off of shelves or anything), then i heard the ground rumbling again as it moved off in the other direction. I recognized it as an earthquake since I had experienced a light quake in Utah before, but I was surprised because I didn't realize there was any seismic activity in this area.
  • tucson - I never experience it before. I live upstairs and my son and I felt the house shake. I first thought a car, but it was quiet on our street. Then decided to watch the news when they said there was a earthquake. No damage, but it was a little scary.It was around 10 on Saturday night.
  • tucson - I've never felt an earthquake before but when it happened I knew that's what it was because my whole house shook for about 8 seconds and the couch I was sitting on felt like a rocking horse. My trash can fell over.
  • Bisbee - The couch started to shake, then I touched the wall which was moving back and forth and dismissed it as a large gust of wind.
  • siera vista - just before 10:00 p.m. there was a booming noise and the entire house rolled, hanging objects swung.Entire neighborhood was outside wondering what was going on.
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