Saturday 28 June 2014

More on American drones

US help to Iraq against ISIS: dispatching drones to spy on Baghdad, while carrying Hellfire missiles.

Apparently, these Hell missiles operated from hundred or perhaps thousands of miles away are also needed to "protect" and "cover" the 300 advisers dispatched there. Knowing that there is a drone or "bot" spying on people with Hellfire missiles must add to the sense of personal safety and protection. Never mind that ISIS is not in Baghdad yet.

Flying surveillance drones over a capital and the seat of a foreign government might look like "helping." And there might be some people who might think that having drones flying with Hellfire missiles operated by a foreign government over one's capital is a great idea, which might even add to a sense of their personal safety.

---Vladimir Suchan

Armed Drones Provide Cover to U.S. Advisers in Iraq, Defense Officials Say

27 June, 2014

American drones armed with Hellfire missiles are flying surveillance over Baghdad to protect the U.S. military advisers providing intelligence and advice to the Iraqi military as they fight Sunni militants, defense officials said Friday.

The officials told NBC News that the drones are not meant to hunt militant forces or launch airstrikes, only to provide cover in case the Americans come under enemy fire as they move around Baghdad. The U.S. is also flying armed and unarmed drones, plus manned and armed F-18 fighter jets, over the Iraqi territory controlled by the militants, the officials said. The surveillance planes are not authorized to fire on the militants, the officials said.

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