Saturday 28 June 2014

Syrian opposition revealed as Saudi-Israeli project

FSA Leader Defects to ISIL and Exposes FSA as a Saudi-Israeli Run Project

The FSA (Free Syria Army),  are very closely linked to al Nusrah - in fact thousands of FSA defected to al Nusrah in 2013. 

Al Nusrah is the CIA's terrorist brigade of choice. Regardless of their moniker, they are all wanton murderers & have produced videos of executions & beheadings.

Here is a video of an interview with a defecting FSA commander. He admits that the FSA are Saudi-Israeli project overseen by US, Jordanian, Saudi, Qatar & Emrati intelligence. Salman bin Sultan is identifed as being in charge of the 'Syrian Revolution' file.

He also mentions Salim Idriss - one of the men McCain met in Syria in 2013 - as being part of this inner circle.

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