Monday 30 June 2014

Ukrainians use chemical weapons

Aren't we being told that there is a "ceasefire" in operation??

DPR: Ukrainian forces used chemical weapons again

ДНР: Украинские силовики вновь применили химическое оружие

One of the leaders of Donetsk national Republic Pavel Gubarev stated that the Ukrainian army used against militias in the Semenovka, chemical weapons, there are victims.

 Previous use of phosphorus by Ukrainian army

"Ukra (Ukrainian army) used by our positions in Semenovka chemical weapons. Two other soldiers in a serious condition (poisoning of the phosphorus) sent in Donetsk. One, a very badly", - wrote the representative of Donetsk national Republic Pavel Gubarev on his page on Facebook, referring to the commander of the militia Donetsk Igor strelkov.

He noted that at 22.30 (23.30 GMT) fire Slavkurorta still continued. "Applied 240-mm howitzers. There are several foci strong fires," said Gubarev.

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