Wednesday, 4 June 2014

NATO / Junta war crimes

Inna Kukurudza - RIP

Inna Kukurudza on 14 November 2013, before #Euromaidan and #NATO destroyed her country.

Inna Kukurudza gave the human face to the #Kyiv junta's war crimes yesterday, when she was cut to pieces in front of the #Lugansk RSA building by a salvo of S-8KOM rockets fired from a Ukrainian National Guard Su-25 ground attack jet. She is now known to have died of her wounds.

The photo is from her profile on VKontakte:

Inna left behind a husband and two teenage daughters.



The videos below and the associated accounts have been deleted by YouTube / NATO censors

Here is a lower quality copy:

Warning: GRAPHIC!

The video with her death can be found in this link:

NOTE: This has been removed

More video of the aftermath of the punitive airstrike here:

NOTE: This has been removed

Look, EUROPE! Airstrike fascist aviation 

- Lugansk, 2 May

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