Thursday 7 April 2016

The Arctic Sea ice breakup

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Update  Laptev Sea Alert - Ice is breaking up.

Via Facebook - Harold H Hensel.

Arctic Ice in the Laptev Sea breaking up 04 06 2016.

What is under this area is very dangerous. The black areas in second picture is where likely torches are. This may be mantel methane. Here is a quote from my letter to the editor. "The well-known sources (of methane) are methane hydrates from the Arctic Ocean floor and methane coming from thawing permafrost.

There is also another less well-known source. During the geologic history of the Arctic area, tectonic plates have spread, crashed into each other and subducted under one another. Geologists call the Arctic a tectonic plate junkyard. There are numerous fractures in the earth's crust there.

A quote from earth scientist Malcolm Light: ‘Mantle methane formed from the reduction of oceanic carbonates by water in the presence of iron (II) oxides buried to depths of 100 km to 300 km in the Asthenosphere and at temperatures above 1200°C.’ This is a nonorganic source of methane formed near the earth's mantel. Katey Walter Anthony from the University of Alaska calls it geologic methane.

Vast reservoirs of methane have been created by chemical reactions and stored near the mantle under a lot of pressure for millennia."

Ice has plugged the cracks keeping the mantel methane from escaping. The plugs thawing out is not a good thing to happen.


  1. Robin why don't you run a fucking story on the blokes spraying us all with toxic aluminum nanoparticulates for climate engineering purposes on this pretty little news site of yours?

    1. I have made clear what my pis ition on geoengineering which I have, by the way, covered before. I refuse to give it any more airtime because it is so linked with denialism. Our runaway climate change is NOT. caused by evil men in aeroplanes. If you want "coverage" you're looking in the wrong place. This has always been, and remains MY site. I am beholden to no-one.

    2. The other response would be - on the day ?I see the truth about global warming and anthropogenic climate change covered in a geoengineering site.


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