Saturday 30 April 2016

Radio NZ discusses overpopulation

Climate change denier, Jim Mora replaces Kim Hill to discuss the limits of growth with an Australian academic who clearly still defends infinite growth.

Vegetarianism seems to be the answer (sic) as well as a bit of tinkering around the edges.

Corey Bradshaw: Population Limits

Jim Mora talks to the Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Adelaide, whose research interests include population dynamics, extinction theory, invasion biology, and climate change impacts and mitigation

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  1. Brother, we are totally fucked and anybody with half a brain MUST realize that now. The 'tipping points' have already been passed. Humanity is fucked. Probably the shortest reign on the earth ever. The only question now is HOW MUCH time is left. I believe another generation (20 years) is pushing it. After that fundamental change will surely be occurring to this hopeless model of human parasites. Sometimes I thank God I should be dead by then.

    We best start laughing at what we can now because realization of the obvious means depression and hopelessness.

    Neer Do Well Blog.


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