Thursday 21 April 2016

NY Attorney General got 1,000 direct complaints from voters on primary day

New York’s Attorney General Just Announced an Investigation of the Primary Fiasco

20 April, 2016

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced an official investigation into the New York State Board of Elections after widespread allegations of election fraud and voter suppression.

I am deeply troubled by the volume and consistency of voting irregularities, both in public reports and direct complaints to my office’s voter hotline,” said Schneiderman. He reported his office received a 368 percent increase in complaints compared to the 2012 general election. Brooklyn was the source of the most complaints out of the five boroughs.

: We have opened an investigation into the NYC Board Of Elections

1:11 PM - 20 Apr 2016

Gawker, which is based in New York City, asked voters to share their experiences with obstacles preventing them from casting their ballots. Chavisa, a voter in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, had been a registered Democrat for over a decade, yet still ended up filling out an affidavit ballot and received conflicting answers from poll workers on whether or not it would even be counted.

Over the last month, I have double and triple checked that I was registered and that I knew my polling place. Everything has seemed to be in good order. I was even registered in the online system. I triple checked it as recently as two weeks ago,” Chavisa told Gawker. “When I came to my polling place today, they said that they didn’t have my name in their book. They couldn’t explain why.”
Will, who also lives in Brooklyn, had been a registered Democrat for over three years, but still had to vote by affidavit ballot, and only after securing a court order.
Even though I have been a registered Democratic voter in NYC for years, and voted in the last mayoral primary and general election in 2013, my name was not on the rolls in my election district this morning,” Will told Gawker in an email. “My girlfriend who shares my apartment has the same voting history as I do, and her name was on the rolls.”
Their ordeals are far from being isolated case.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has also asked for an explanation for the 5-month purge of over 120,000 New York voters from the rolls in Kings County, which houses Brooklyn. City comptroller Scott Stringerdemanded a full audit of the New York City Board of Elections in the wake of the voter purge. As of this writing, a petition demanding a full audit of the purge, and online publication of the full, edited results of the audit has almost 75,000 signatures.

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