Thursday 28 April 2016

Police smash down the door of elderly professor emeritus

I find this personally outrageous and the action of the liberal-fascist state.

I believe it is the right of every mature adult (especially if ill or elderly) to decide to end their life with dignity without violent intervention from the State.

"A retired academic who was found dead in her Devon cottage on Wednesday would not have taken her own life this week had police not heavy-handedly raided her property days earlier, according to the euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke."
---the Guardian

UK Interpol Alert & the Death of Emeritus Professor Avril Henry
CAPTION: The late Professor Avril Henry with Dr Philip Nitschke in front of the door where the UK Police forced their entry around 9pm on Friday 15 April 2016

This account is from Exit International

Professor Avril Henry of Brampford Speke in Devon, UK was an open, warm, intelligent woman of 81 years. She was also highly organised. Avril had lived a full life but things were starting to fall apart with hearing loss, Tinitus, double incontinence,  peripheral neuropathy and chronic urinary tract infections, she decided now was the time to go.

Professor Henry acquired drugs from Mexcio and told family and friends (and she had many) of her plans. The only thing was that Interpol also knew of her illegal import. 

Rather than focusing on the many scammers who are conning people out of their money with empty promises of delivering Nembutal by next day delivery, Interpol wanted Professor Henry stopped and they wanted the drugs they thought she had.

Not one to give up easily, when Police and crisis team (doctor, psychiatrist and social worker) smashed down her door at 9pm Friday night, Avril handed over only some Nembutal to the visiting. In the aftermath she got on with her plans to go.

The full story of Professor Henry's life and death can be read in the following UK Press:

Interpol Alert

Several days after Professor Henry's death, Exit was notified by another Exit member in the UK that she, too ,has had a visit from the Police following a tip-off from Interpol in Manchester.  This person is now headed for court. It remains to be seen what will happen.

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