Tuesday 26 April 2016

The BBC "corrected" the mistake of its own editors


Remember, the BBC removed the video containing the report of Olga Ivshina which contained the message that onlookers saw air force jets accompany MH17.

The BBC must have been in damage control because now they have posted a new, improved version of the original report.
Last week the BBC removed from their website an inconvenient report that revealed witness reports by locals who spotted Ukrainian air force jets accompanying MH17.

The BBC must have been in damage control as they have issued the following 'corrective'.

Of course, in line with the usual British hypocrisy the previous  report was not censored but removed for 'editorial reasons'.

The new 'improved' version takes away the interview with the Ukrainian SBU chief and 'balances' the other material with statements of denial. All in keeping with the BBC's reputation for 'balance' - lol.

The report removed from the  BBC site finalized
Удаленный с сайта Би-би-си репортаж доработан

Jan Leder

Managing editor of BBC Russian Service

25 July, 2014

As I promised in my blog on Thursday, we modified the report of correspondent of BBC Russian Service Olga Ivshina, which on Wednesday was removed from our site.

And now the story of a several-date - appeared again.

Before I noted that the original material was removed due to structural defects and incomplete compliance editorial values of the British broadcasting Corporation. And not for the reason, which the Russian media wilingly reported that the BBX, they say, did not want to broadcast alternative perspective on disaster Malaysian "Boeing".

You can see: the report is left to the elements, from which, according to our critics, we would like to get the opinions of the ordinary residents of Donbass and search our film crew, could be launched missile (if it was a missile).

This material has been enriched by the fragments, which, in our opinion, (the previous report) lacked and that gave the story the volume of the added context of the content of what people say, located in the center of events. I mean the statement of the official representative of Kiev on that fateful day over the area of the tragedy in the air was not Ukrainian military aircraft. And expert opinion about how likely is the use by the military pilots of civil aircraft as a "flying shields"
The BBC not engaged in self-censorship, and expects that its journalists ask questions. Including inconvenient for interviewees.

In revising the plot we almost did not use scissors. The only item that was cut out, is a replica of the head of counter-intelligence of the security service of Ukraine Vitaly Nida. For she was not quite that investigated Olga. But interviews Nida on our site remained - here.

The history of the downed airliner extremely complex and multifaceted, and we cover it from both sides.

It is painful and unpleasant to make mistakes . But we acknowledge them. And in this case we apologized not once, but twice: first, that the original report was published in haste; secondly, because we have not explained to you why it was removed once made this decision.

And then we have tried to correct these mistakes in a transparent manner. I'm not sure there's a lot of media that are ready to do the same. (sic)

P.S. After the publication of my blog on Thursday, we received a huge number of comments. I am very pleased how attentively you read our site and thank everybody who voted. Some of you have asked where you can find mentioned the editorial guidelines for the BBC. Please: here they are in English; here- the  in Russian.

P.S. The original footage from the BBC has long since been disappeared from You Tube but it does still exist

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