Thursday 21 April 2016

Kevin Hester goes live

Kevin Hester has a website!

Our Ongoing Arctic Emergency

If you think of the volume of ice we have lost 3/4 of it in the last 30 years. Because the Arctic is warming so fast compared to the lower latitudes it is going to have an effect on the jet Stream. The Jet Stream effects our weather down here ( USA) so it’s going to affect our weather“.
Jennifer Francis:  Ya gotta love the understatement!  “The Arctic could warm between 6 and 16 degrees centigrade by 2100 with the best estimate being 10 degrees centigrade warming, in which case how fast will Greenland lose its ice-sheet and other very risky outcomes.”
Dr Ron Prinn M.I.T:” The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe.”
Dr Natalia Shakova Director US Russia Methane Study, International Research Centre:  “When you change the Arctic by heating it this way you are going to change global wind patterns”, and “In a little part of Siberia there is more stored carbon than in all the worlds above ground biomass.”
Excuse Dr Jorien Vonk mistakenly saying the volume of carbon presently in the atmosphere being 800 ppm.
In below video, see Dr Nikita Zimov, of the Russian Academy of sciences.  This great video [1] is made possible with the help of Peter Carter and was made in July 2015 making this data at least a year old in a time of abrupt climate change
[1] Yet another great video, by our esteemed colleague, Max Wilbert.
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