Saturday 30 April 2016

Summing things up

After my conversation with Guy McPherson and Kevin Hester...

The gig's over. We're done.

Via Facebook

I've just had someone bail me out for criticising Robertscribbler. "He does good work"

Of course he does!

But then he goes on, like them all, to draw conclusions that are frankly, irrational.

"We are in abrupt climate change but the conclusion we can draw is there is room for optimism"

Well, I refuse to play that game.

How many times can you say, and in how many ways, YOU CAN'T HAVE INFINITE GROWTH ON A FINITE PLANET?!

The gig's over.

We're done.


1 comment:

  1. Robert sells hope.
    It's a cruel hoax.

    His latest is a fantasy that Tesla cars are going to save us.

    He's actually lost the plot, and has gone mad.
    Poor guy can't face reality.

    As you rightly sat - "We're done" :-(


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