Friday 1 April 2016

Climate News in brief - 03/31/2016

Warming in Wellington, New Zealand

These are average temperatures for Wellington, New Zealand. I live in Lower Hutt where summertime temperatures are a little higher

Let's take the average maximum temperatures which are 20C in January and February.

This year the temperatures I measured every day were around 24C and never below 22C throughout February and the first half of March.

Way higher than 20C!


Many thanks to Harold Hensel - via Facebook

The melting Arctic

03 31 2016 Arctic Sea Ice disintigration advances inside the 80 degree lattitude circle. 2nd image is a close up of fractured Arctic Sea ice coming around the NE tip of Greenland and flowing into the Greenland Sea.

Arctic Ice 03 30 2016 The pink represents thin ice. Notice the light has come completely back to the Arctic Ocean. There is no black hole in the center.

The melting Antarctic

CO2 breaks 406 ppm

CO 2 406.56 ppm in Mauna Loa Hawaii 03 28 2016 
Just broke 405ppm by quite a bit. The line on the right is where we are now with a baseline of 800,000 years.

Extreme temperatures in Europe

Next week, Amsterdam is forecast to get temperatures of 23C (and that is even warm for July).

Next week,parts of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland etc, to become 10C to 15C warmer then normal.

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