Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Guy McPherson on National Geographic

For as long as it lasts before it gets taken down.

Bill does well progressing through the "five stages of grief" until he reaches "acceptance" and then he drops back to "bargaining" (a.k.a hopium, wishful thinking and techno fixes)

National Geographic Explorer Bill Nyes Global Meltdown


  1. Yeah, leaving the future to political and industrial methods is as sure as suicide. It's hard to imagine a well-working solar power system when the WTO just went out of its way to crush a solar power program in India. Selling coal to India is more important than saving the planet. Plus, this totally ignores we've already passed the point of no return. Planet is heating up no matter what we do and methane release from the permafrost alone is enough to smother all higher lifeforms.

  2. Bill U have not had the opportunity to build Asian Carp barriers!

  3. The story was going well until they starting making it look as though "renewables" would keep BAU going!

    Doesn't he know that those so called "renewables" are totally dependent upon fossil resources!
    So they still believe we can end using fossil resources, keep BAU going & live happily ever after - BUNK!!!

    To save our planet for our future, we must stop using fossil resources but we don't dare!
    We cannot feed seven billion humans without fossil resources.

    To stop using fossil resources would collapse our economy & agriculture, the grid would fail as would all commerce, cities would collapse, there would be mass starvation & deaths through wars & disease.

    States would become ungovernable, it would indeed become the survival of the "fittest" but at least some of us would survive.

    Continue on with BAU & it gets even worse, most life on our planet would die mainly because there would be no time to adapt or evolve to that fast rise in temperature & the destruction of so much of the environment on land and in the seas.
    If we had used the "green revolution" as intended, to buy us time to stop population growth & slowly bring it back down to what could be sustained over a long period of time our future would have been very different, one of hope not doom.

    But we didn't did we, instead we used those TEMPORARY fossil resources to feed growth - FOOLS! Not "wise" at all!

    1. Very well said... they're selling hopium and related products the physical manifestation of which happens to be wind mills and electric cars.

  4. Wow! That was powerful and well done. I didn't think it would be so good. Thanks for making it available.


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