Thursday 26 November 2015

French airstrike kill 28 children in Mosul

The French kill 28 children in an airstrike

I doubt if there is going to be a big fuss about this in the international media.

Thanks to George Galloway.

French hit school in Mosul

MOSUL (DPA): Iraqi military source in Nineveh province announced on Wednesday killed 28 students when French aircraft bombed a primary school east of Mosul, 400 / km north of Baghdad.

Brigadier-General Thanon Sabawi from the Second Division of the Iraqi army that "the French aircraft bombed today Fatima Zahra Primary School in the eastern area of Mosul, flowers, killing 28 pupils and wounding five others in the primary outcome.

He explained that "the victims were transported to nearby hospitals."

مدرسة في الموصل

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  1. The Al Quds article cited the German Press Agency DPA as a source, but when Middle East Eye contacted DPA, the outlet said it had not published a story on the matter. - See more at:


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