Saturday 28 November 2015

Worldwide Climate Marches start in New Zealand

Many people that I know will be attending the Climate march. I am personally unable to attend due to my health but despite that there will be people demanding to know why I am not there.

There will be speeches asking (or demanding) the politicians to take action to stop climate change – as if it was just a question of the politicians agreeing to flick a switch.

It is all akin to demanding that the gate be closed after the horse has bolted. “You’ve got to do something!”. So close the gate.
All very symbolic. But useless.

I am all in favour of people getting together and supporting each other but with the self-delusion that I’m sure will dominate I couldn’t bear it.

Pardon my cynicism but my reaction is more along the following lines.

NZ to host first of 2000 climate protests

Climate change protests will be held in 35 locations around the country this weekend, as part of global action to apply pressure on leaders taking part in the Paris Climate talks.

28 November, 2015

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The protests are part of a global campaign, with 2000 events planned around the world this weekend.

New Zealand campaign convenor Kristin Gillies said the protests aimed to build pressure on the government and international leaders to create more ambitious targets to reduce climate change.

The New Zealand government was going to Paris with woefully inadequate targets, he said.

"They really are lagging behind the rest of the world, and in fact everyone in New Zealand. Individuals, organisations, businesses, they're taking action, but the government is dragging the chain."

Protesters were realistic and didn't think adequate targets would come out of the Paris talks, but believed it was important to build momentum and continue to apply pressure.

Mr Gillies expected thousands of people to turn out in Auckland, but said there were many other gatherings going ahead across the country.

The seven people living on Raoul Island would be holding a protest, and a group will be marching the almost forty kilometres from Greymouth to Hokitika.

The New Zealand events were expected to be of international interest as they would be the first in the world due to the time one.

Details about the various events in New Zealand can be found here

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