Friday 27 November 2015

Syria - facts on the ground - 11/27/2015

This may the most important news of the day


The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian aviation, took complete control of the mountainous areas in the Latakia province and blocked trans-border armament supply to ISIS militants, Defense Ministry Spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov announced on Thursday.


27 November, 2015
As a result of multiple air strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the terrorists, the Syrian government forces took complete control of the mountainous areas in the north of the Latakia province, thereby completely blocking the trans-border supply of weapons, ammunition and other materials to the terrorists in the province”, he said.

Moreover, in other areas of northern Syria, our Aerospace Forces control all the main roads of weapons, ammunition and materiel delivery to ISIS militants groups”, he added.
The Syrian army sources reports that an opposition commander, formerly an SAA brigadier-general, Rashid Bakdash, was killed in the fighting in the Latakia Governorate. Militants group that killed the Russian pilot was, is reported, under his command.

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