Wednesday 25 November 2015

Nature Bats Last

Nature Bats Last – 11.24.15

Mike and Guy visited with Canadian Paul Marcotte at the mud hut, where Paul is visiting. We took a few calls from listeners as we discussed climate change, COP21 in Paris, and myriad other topics.


  1. One day and it had better be soon, I am going to visit at the " Mud Hut".
    I wanna shoot the breeze with Mike and Guy together.
    You definitely need to have Cory back on the show Prof, the boys were singing your praises sister..
    For a doomer show it's pretty damn cheerful
    Here is the " Fuck it" video from Ivey Cone;

  2. Guy mentioned Global Dimming, more info here;

  3. The prof mentioned the PETM extinction;

  4. Peter Wasdell from the Apollo Gaia project was mentioned, here is his presentation re climate sensitivity. The Radio Ecoshock show is in the comments section.


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