Sunday 22 November 2015

Obama abandons France


President Obama today denied France military support in the wake of the Paris Attacks that killed 129 people. He Instead vowed to share intelligence. When addressing the question of establishing a US controlled "safe zone" against ISIS President Obama declared it would be, quote, "Counter Productive."

Despite the public outcry to retaliate against ISIS Obama revealed to the press his only interest, and it was not to come to the aide of France.

Clarifying his position not to join France in the fight against the Islamic State Obama refused to flex American military might in an effort to, quote, "Look Tough."

While still in mourning at observances across France, French President Francois Hollande made it clear he was going to join Russia in the fight against ISIS. He stated, quote,

"In the next coming days, I will be meeting... President Putin, to unify our forces."

Despite reports that France has declared War on ISIS, and plans to Invoke Article 5 war powers, at the G20, Obama made it clear he will offer zero military support, leaving France and Russia to join forces.

Further snubbing France, when world Leaders stood together and paused to remember the victims of the Paris attacks, President Obama was Noticeably absent

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