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Report from Europe under lockdown - 11/21/2015

At last, a reliable report out of Europe

November 22nd 2015 Germany & EU SITREP by ‘C’

21 November, 2015

The biggest issue in Germany these days is of course the wave of islamist terror attacks that took place over the last couple of days with the ones in Paris dominating the headlines.

In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris there have been numerous police raids in France, Belgium and Germany in which a lot of Daesh supporters including the alleged master mind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, have been killed or arrested.

Here is a good and quite complete overview via The Telegraph:

In Germany two stadiums in Hannover were evacuated on Tuesday evening because of terror threats. A football match between Germany and the Netherlands and a concert were cancelled, after German police had reportedly been warned by French authorities of an imminent, coordinated terror attack using at least five bombs in stadiums and public transportation.

It was reported but not confirmed that the attackers had hidden explosives in an ambulance to smuggle the bombs into the stadium. [source] [source]

There was another interesting but underreported incident in Munich on Thursday evening. Focus reported that police received a tip on suspicious guests in a Munich hotel. Focus says that the police have confiscated fake German police uniforms and canisters of flammable gas that were to be used in a terror attack. Four of the eight suspects have reportedly been able to escape capture by the police. [source]

The police have denied the report by Focus immediately. They admit that there was a police operation at the hotel, but say it was based on a false alarm and that there was no connection to any terror operation whatsoever. They call the Focus report a hoax.
.de berichtet von Einsatz wg. geplantem Terror-Anschlag mit Gasflaschen in . Falschmeldung!
Focus has somewhat backtracked on their original reporting and included the police denial in their text but state that they stand by their story despite the police denial, in effect calling the police liars. Which is quite unusual for a major German newspaper, especially with regard to an issue of such importance.
Alternative news portal Kopp Online has published an article on the issue alleging that Focus author Josef Hufelschulte has very good contacts to German intelligence agency BND and that he might very well know more than the police is willing to admit.

His involvement with the agency is also corroborated via other sources.
There are further reports that indicate that Germany is already infiltrated with Daesh fighters connected to the Paris attacks.
A refugee from Algeria has been arrested in Arnsberg. He had talked to other refugees and told them before the fact that there would be a big bomb attack in Paris on the day it actually happened. When the Algerian’s prediction turned out to be true, the men he talked to reported him to the police and he was arrested.
He denied any foreknowledge of the attacks and said he had just been boasting and making things up. But he nevertheless warned investigators that “something would happen” in their town, if they detained him any longer. [source] [source]
A man smuggling weapons and explosives was caught in Bavaria on 5 November. Police said that an address in Paris was found on a note in the car and in his navigation system. He said that he was unaware of the weapons being in his possession. [source] [source]
There are also serious terror warning for Brussels as of this writing on 21 November. The metro traffic has been suspended, people have been told to avoid large groups of people and there is heavy police and army presence in the streets. [source]
Paul Craig Roberts has published a couple of articles that indicate that he thinks that the Paris attacks were a false flag attack orchestrated by the Empire. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]

I think he makes some very good points and I strongly suggest taking the time to read his articles.
It is especially important to note that he correctly says that the attacks having been orchestrated by Western elites and the attacks having been carried out by operatives affiliated with Daesh is not a contradiction:
There seems to be abundant evidence that ISIL is a US creation, one that is still dependent on US active or passive support. […] Obviously, Washington has ISIL infiltrated. Washington has long proven is ability to use Islamic extremists. As Washington used them in Afghanistan against the Soviets and in Libya and Syria against independent governments, Washington used them in Paris.”
Putin recently made less direct remarks along the same line. Connecting Western countries to the financing of Daesh. [source] [source]
Please also watch this interview with Gearoid O Colmain about the political connection and implications of the Paris terror attacks. It is not often that someone manages to pack so much inconvenient truth into a ten minute interview. [source]
But no matter who is responsible for the attacks, the reaction of the European public and the European political elites will probably shape the future of Europe for the foreseeable future.
Across the political spectrum there are calls for more surveillance, more power for police and intelligence agencies and further erosion of freedoms in Europe. In the short run through emergency measures [source] [source]
and in the long run through new legislation. [source]
Schäuble has said that he would like to use the German army in the interior in case of terror attacks. [source]

The right wing parties that have warned against the uncontrolled migration, use the attacks as illustration that they have been right with their warnings all along and call for closing the borders. [source]
and taking up the fight against Islam. Here are just two prominent examples.
Marine Le Pen: Video
Geert Wilders: Video
And even in the aftermath of the recent attacks there is alarming support among Arabic speaking Europeans for Daesh. Or to be more precise among those who use Arabic social media. [source]

This radicalisation on all sides is not going to end well.

Most people underestimate how fragile our societies are and how easily the veneer of civilisation can actually be shattered.

That is probably because they have been led to mistakenly believe that our societies are dominated by the authority of law.

That people conform to rules and standards of our society, which have been laid down in volumes of law by our most upright fellow citizens.

And the police keep bad people in check who might disagree with the will of the sovereign, the people?

That is not true at all.

Most likely no one in Germany knows all the laws that they can be judged by.
That will be true even for judges, lawyers, policemen or politicians. But those will at least know certain aspects of the law very well.

But the average German has no idea about the actual wording of regulations or laws, nor would they know where or how to look them up.

And even if they did they would probably struggle with the language, because “common German” and “judicial German” are not the same thing.

So most Germans are subject to a code of regulations that they do not understand in detail and might never have agreed with in the slightest.

The people enforcing these rules often also only have a very basic understanding of the rules they supposedly protect and uphold.

There is a lot wrong with that, but the point I am trying to make here is:

It is not the law that makes peaceful coexistence in our society possible.

It is trust among individuals which makes our lives liveable.

And the source of this trust is a shared culture and shared fundamental values.
It is almost impossible at all to even step outside if you mistrust everyone you meet.

There are people you do not know commanding two ton machines that hurl along right next to you at breathtaking speeds all the time. If they wanted to, they could kill you easily and there is nothing you could do about it.

People will pass you on the street, and as you let them get closer, you expose yourself to them. They might pass you at less than an arm’s length. What if they rip out a knife and stab you as they go by? Or if they jump you from behind? What are you going to do about it?

Can you go and watch a football game? In a quite confined space? With you being one of maybe two thousand fans of the away team, in a stadium with maybe forty-thousand home fans?

Yes you can. In the Germany I grew up in and in the Germany that can still be saved, you can!

And that is because you know there might be fighting, there might be clashes with the police, there might be broken bones and people might get hurt.
But you need a lot of bad luck to get caught up in the fight if you want to avoid it.
And no one is out to kill anybody.

People who go down are not routinely kicked to death.

And nobody would ever bring AKs and suicide vests to make a point.

But now people have come and brought AKs and bombs to kill people and to make a point. And there is no easy way to deal with that.

Because it shatters the cultural trust that a society needs to function.

If this trust is destroyed, people will need something to cope with their fear.
And because they have no trust in themselves and have been conditioned to expect the state to protect them, they will hand over what little remains of their sovereignty and civil rights willingly.

They will end up with a police state that will need the constant threat of more terror to justify its existence. Which is clearly a recipe for more terror.
Since the terror threat is clearly a EU wide problem the EU bureaucrats will demand more power for EU wide political, police, military and intelligence institutions.

Nations will be blackmailed into handing over the last shreds of their independence to the EU in exchange for supposed security benefits that will of course never materialise.

In the end we will have more terror, more surveillance, more police state, less freedom and less hope to find a real solution.

Unless the Western people wake up to the wicked games their elites play there is little hope for change for the better.

There will just be more of the same.

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