Tuesday 17 November 2015

Extreme weather report

Temperatures at North Pole up to 35F warmer than average

Severe Widespread Heatwave to grip Australia!

A severe and very powerful heatwave is forecast to grip much of Australia starting on Tuesday and lasting until at least Sunday, if not into Monday next week for some parts. This has all been brought on by a series of blocking troughs, blocking any sea breezes from entering the atmosphere, coupled with a hot air mass and desert winds.

We urge you to please look after yourselves in these testing conditions. The elderly, young children along with animals all are at an elevated risk during these kinds of conditions and require extra assistance both physically and externally (assisting with the aid of water and air conditioning). Please remember to apply sunscreen regularly, wear light clothes to keep your body as cool as possible and to avoid strenuous activity as much as possible.

Tuesday: Heatwave conditions are forecast to griip all of WA except for the South-East Coastline along with the Western half of NT and SA. Temperatures are forecast to range between 40 and 48ºc with an elevated fire risk over Southern WA and Western SA.

Wednesday: The heatwave focus will be on SA with much of the State going for at least 38ºc and some parts up to 45ºc. Heatwave conditions will also creep into Western NSW, NW VIC, Western QLD and remain over the NT and Northern WA. Fire dangers will continue over all of SA along with an increase in Western NSW/VIC/QLD.

Thursday: Heatwave conditions are forecast to remain over SA with Adelaide potentially seeing its 3rd straight day above 35ºc. Melbourne will be under the pump along with Western Brisbane and Sydney. Elevated fire risks will occur over Western/Central NSW, Northern SA, VIC and Southern QLD. Heatwave conditions remain in place over Western QLD, NT and Northern WA.

Friday: Conditions ease over VIC and Southern SA, while the heat increases over Eastern NSW and QLD – including Sydney and Brisbane. Heatwave conditions are forecast to extend over all of NSW, much of QLD (in particular SEQ) while Northern WA and much of the NT continue to bake. Temps above 45ºc in SW QLD.
Saturday and Sunday: NSW and SA will see an easing of temps along with fire dangers, apart from the far Northern extremities of the States. SEQ/Brisbane and much of QLD remain under the pump before conditions ease in the South over Sunday. Northern WA and the NT continue to bake.

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