Saturday, 7 November 2015

Abrupt climate change

A good video from Marc Haneburght for people just realizing how bad abrupt climate change has become.Some key science points are shown in the video.

Featured are:

The beautiful Earth and it's inhabitants, Guy McPherson Paul Beckwith Natalia Shackhova, Eric Rignot, David Wasdell, Jennifer Hynes ,some written work by Sam Carana and Malcolm Light,and not to forget "industrial civilization".

Abrupt Climate Change 2015 information * Scientists * Guy McPherson * Paul Beckwith etc

Biggest story ever for Humanity.A must see for any caring person on the Planet.The climate is spinning out of control.Information from Professor Guy McPherson,Climatologist Paul Beckwith ,Methane Scientist Natalia Shackhova, NASA Scientist Eric Rignot,Scientist David Wasdell , ,Sam Carana ,Malcolm Light, Jennifer Hynes...

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  1. GM funny - notice, everything is to happen in 2100! Exactly!


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