Friday 19 February 2021

Nearly half of America's wheat crop damaged in polar vortex

The Ice Age bit is of course horseshit, but that does not mean that there is not some useful information here if you use discrimination.

RED ALERT: Food Supply 

Chain Shutting Down as 

Blackouts Spread

 (Natural News) Things are looking pretty bleak across Texas and other Midwestern states where extreme winter weather conditions combined with record-breaking low temperatures left millions without power, while also damaging nearly half of the country’s winter wheat crop.

The Ice Age Farmer channel on YouTube put out a video revealing how minimal snow cover prior to the polar vortex that swept across the Midwest created a perfect storm scenario for the widespread destruction of wheat crops once the historic weather event arrived.

According to reports, about half of Texas’ wind turbines were frozen over in the winter storm, which severely limited energy output throughout the state. On top of that, temperatures in many areas reached well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, which is highly unusual for the Lone Star State.

Up north in the Great Plains, temperature readings were clocked at or below -30 degrees Fahrenheit with not nearly as much snowfall as expected falling to the ground. This left wheat crops exposed to the elements rather than covered in their usual snow blanket, which damaged or killed many of them.

“Commodity Weather Group estimates 30% of HRW #wheat susceptible to significant damage & 15% spotty damage,” tweeted Arlan Suderman about the assessed crop damage thus far.

Others were quick to respond to this tweet with claims that winter wheat loves snow and freezing, however as pointed out by Ice Age Farmer, it was the lack of snow cover in many areas prior to the polar vortex that was the anomaly.

“As temperatures fell to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, there was lots of damage because we don’t have a lot of snow cover right now to insulate the winter wheat crop underneath that,” he says. “It’s just been very exposed to these extreme temperatures.”

There’s a global grain shortage right now

Interestingly, just a few days before the polar vortex hit the United States, Argentina announced plans to discuss strategies for avoiding a ban on wheat exports.

Because there is currently a global grain shortage, countries are scrambling to ensure they have enough of the crop for themselves before they agree to export what remains to places like the U.S.

Should a significant portion of America’s wheat crop end up being destroyed from the freezing temperatures, our nation will require imports from elsewhere in order to feed our own people. If those countries need it for themselves, however, then we could be in a lot of trouble in the coming months.

Back in September, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, interviewed the Ice Age Farmer about what was described as engineered food scarcity to enslave the human race.

What appears to be happening is that food shortages are being engineered through social upheaval, weather events, and other catastrophes that little by little are chipping away at the available food supply.

In time, there could very well be not enough food for everyone, a scenario that was already seen on a much smaller scale with mile-long lines outside of HEB grocery stores in Texas as panicked shoppers rushed to stock up on necessities after the power outages had already begun.

Meanwhile, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates has been buying up tens of thousands of acres of U.S. farmland to become the largest landowner in the country. These are truly ominous times, in other words.

“Bill Gates spent $171 million to buy 14,500 acres of farmland in Southern Washington, the most expensive U.S. land sale so far this year, according to the Land Report,” wrote one of our own commenters, citing Bloomberg.

“The purchase includes about 10,500 acres of irrigated farmland, 3,900 of rangeland and about 140 in an area known as Horse Heaven Hills.”

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