Monday 22 February 2021

On the thin skin of the NZ media

 The leadership of both Australia and NZ 'must level with their populations'

The Australian’s Economics Editor Adam Creighton says the leadership of both Australia and New Zealand must "level with their populations" about when they're going open up to the rest of the world. 

Mr Creighton spoke of recent snap-lockdowns which were experienced across states and cities in both Australia and New Zealand along with the issue of international travel. 

He said even with the vaccines against COVID-19, in the future there will be more cases of the virus. 

"Is it seriously going to stay the way for another 12 months, for another 24 months, that people can't leave their countries or travel overseas," Mr Creighton said. 

Mr Creighton also said politicians "deliberately try" to put certain facts "in the most scary way imaginable to instill compliance in the population". 

"It is a mass psychosis, if you like," he said.

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