Wednesday 24 February 2021

I was tearing my hair out earlier in the day

 Breakdown of systems “under COVID” and social media censorship


For someone who is hardly in the best of health and doesn't get out into the wider community today has been stressful and quite an education.

I had to go to the local bank today to resolve some issues I have been having with overseas credit card transactions. I walked into a cavernous bank that was empty of practically staff and customers and with a security guard sitting inside, We walked up to the teller who had what looked like the bank manager alongside. He sloped off and it was clear that the teller was under huge stress.

We tried explaining  our situation as clearly as we could but she really did not know what to do with it so the bank manager took us off to his desk to try and resolve the problems.

Basically, all the past year I have been having problems with credit card transactions - just about all of them.

Let me describe the latest two; one which involved a transaction that should never have taken place and the other one that should have but didn't.

A while ago, I discovered that Amazon had been charging monthly for membership of Amazon Prime which I did not recall ever having joined. When I made inquiries with Amazon they said they could not find any such account yet despite that the money continued to go out of my account. It took a dispute process and cancelling my credit card for the second time last year (for a similar problem).

I decided after several months registering my credit card on Amazon again and I bought a book on Kindle.  But within a short period of time I got the following message:

Luckily, Amazon has something that most corporations don't have - a way of contacting them directly.

So, I contacted them and got a Rahul which led to the most bizarre exchange I have ever had.

First he said the payment had been declined by the bank, then suggested I try a different card (I only have one and RELUCTANTLY). 

Then the story changed and he said the bank servers were down and would I wait and it would be updated. And then could I contact the bank, a suggestion that I declined because it was a problem between them and the bank.  

His response was "OK" and that was that.

But four days later my credit card has still not been charged so off to the bank I go!

Talking to the bank manager who spoke to the credit card people they thought the problem "might" lie with the expiration details on the card and would I go back to Amazon?

So basically,I am back where I was in the weekend!

The second issue I picked up from my credit card account.  In December I took a free account with SCRIBD to download a book I wanted a copy of. Predictably, I forgot to cancel the subscription so was billed for the next month. I paid the bill and immediately cancelled the subscription.

So I was a little surprised to see that I had been billed for a second month just a few days ago.

So I checked on the SCRIBD page and found that the cancellation had gone through and that I have no account any more,

Despite that they have debited my card.

Another complaint procedure -  and another cancelled card, once again (for the third time?) 

This mirrors another experience I had last year. 

I took out a subscription to support someone who I am following. I did this on my partner's credit card. After finding that I was getting emails to items I could not open I cancelled the subscription and eventually my partner went through the process of dispute and cancelling the card.

Although the financial side of this has been resolved, to this very day I still get emails from SubscribeStar that link to an account that has long not been there.

I have had similar experiences as this with Kobe (after I ordered just one book and  then cancelled the subscription, again with them taking money for an account I no longer had.

I think I have had to cancel my credit card twice, possibly heading for a third time and my partner has had to cancel her card to stop her card from being charged every month.

That amounts to just about 100% of any credit card transaction in addition to my present woes with Amazon.

Why I am telling you this is not just to complain but to tell you that these experiences, never before encountered have all been since "covid".

These experiences (plus my impressions inside the bank ) tell me that things are breaking down in a major way with a rapid economic collapse that is being hidden by the pretence of a covid-19 "pandemic".

It also tells me what life under the Great Reset might be where everything is moderated through a robot or artificial intelligence and there is less and less recourse with human beings.

Some of the humans are becoming more robot-like too!

Welcome to the Brave New World!


We like to complain about You Tube and their censorship.

But for me they are a pale second to Vimeo.

I had a paid account with Vimeo and had quite a few videos on it. One day, I found that all my videos had disappeared along with my paid account.

I signed up after quite a period of time and after posting (I think) the video Pandemic, again with a paid subscription. Not only did they take the video down but they nixed my paid account.

One strike and you're out!

I decided on another free account (silly me!) and successfully put up a video that is still there. When I went to post another, when I found my account I had difficulty signing in with three different results on three devices but finally got my video on the Arctic out.

So, when I go looking in the search engines...

Going back to earlier this year...

Banned from Vimeo!

Well, at least You Tube hosted the following video, which is still there!

All of this is because I am now banned from You Tube with a second strike (that has nothing to do with "copyright") - because I committed the crime of posting a video with Billy te Kahika' s meeting in Wellington that has been scrubbed from the  internet.

So I now down to two outlets that DO NOT censor - Rumble and Brighteon.

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