Saturday 20 February 2021

The beauty of tragedy

 Surreal vision of frozen trees on Louisiana lake

From RT

"This isn't a sight that you would expect to see in the deep south, but, mother nature had another idea for us this week. 

"Winter storms dumped snow and ice plunging more than 300,000 homes and businesses into darkness and leaving some roads impassable. 

"One place, however, it turned into an eire winter wonderland and that place is Lake Fausse Point, Louisiana."

Most comments on the video were about how beautiful it was and...

"Why was this recorded with a 15 year old cellphone camera?"

But just one comment that was sensible

Craziest part is this is only 30 mi. from the coast. This is about as deep south as you can get before it's marshland.
Everything from 50 miles north of this & up was blanketed in snow

Has anyone thought about what this sudden cold might do to the tropical ecosystem?

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