Friday 19 February 2021

The "war against ISIS" is BACK

 INTEL: Russia equipping Syria air base to receive nuclear bombers

Hal Turner ,

18 February, 2021

Since the installation of Joe Biden as the (illegitimate) President of the United States, the US has begun very significant military moves inside Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.  Clearly there is a very significant build-up of US forces and equipment taking place.

Moreover, there has also been a sudden and dramatic increase in military operations (in Syria) by the UK and elsewhere in the Middle East by France.

It is no secret that the West wants Bashar Assad ousted as President of Syria, to allow Qatar to run a gas pipeline through Syria territory, to carry natural gas to Europe.

Syria refused permission for that pipeline and when permission was refused, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hatched a plan to cause Civil War inside Syria to oust Assad.   The plan almost worked.

At the last minute, Assad sought help from its ally, Russia, and the Russians responded.  That wrecked the plans by the West.

When Donald Trump won the US Presidency in 2016, he refused to continue the effort to oust Assad.  A small delay in the plans of the "Deep State."

With Trump gone and a dementia-addled Joe Biden illegitimately installed through overt election fraud, it's starting to appear that the plans for Syria are back on the front burner.

Russia isn't sitting idly-by this time.

Russia has taken a stunning and major step with regard to its relations with the West, and Russian operations in Syria and the Middle East.

Russia has begun extensive modification of an air base inside Syria, to make that base capable of handling long range, Russian Strategic Bombers.  Nuclear-Capable bombers!

Word from Intelligence circles says that a delegation from Germany went to the Kremlin to discuss certain issues and they were told in no uncertain terms that Russia will not tolerate any more shenanigans with Syria.

According to intel sources, the Germans bluntly "cautioned" Vladimir Putin that the west was going to engage in certain activities in Syria and the Germans were told "it will mean direct war with Russia."

After that German delegation departed the Kremlin, sudden and specific action began taking place at Russian air bases: Lengthening runways, building hardened bunkers, and more.

It is clear now from the modifications taking place, that Russia plans to deploy a significant number of strategic bombers inside Syria.  Bombers that would raise the price to be paid by the West, if more shenanigans commence in Syria.

This could be Biden's first foray into foreign war as a tool of the Deep State that put him in power.

Russia has other ideas.

Trump Gone Less than a Month and War is Back on the Menu, Boys! ISIS Returns; NATO To announce Increase in Troops into Iraq

Hal Turner ,

18 February, 2021

News and Commentary by Hal Turner:

President Donald Trump has been out of office less than a month and WAR seems to be back on the menu for the USA! 

Within days after the end of President Trump's term, the Pentagon began sending convoys of US Troops and Armor into Syria from Iraq.

A convoy of US military trucks crossed the Waleed border, entering Syria from Iraq's northern semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. This came after Israeli warplanes fired several missiles towards central Syria. The attack killed a family of four, including two children, and four others were injured.

In the weeks since Trump left office, a number of large US military convoys have entered Syria carrying troops, artillery, armored personnel carriers, ammunition, and heavy weapons.

NATO Troops To Iraq

Now, intel sources tell the Hal Turner Radio Show that very shortly, NATO chief will announce expansion of NATO force in Iraq from 500 to around 4,000.

Those intel sources reveal NATO allies agreed in private meetings Thursday to significantly expand their "training" mission in Iraq, a move that will bolster the alliance’s position in the Middle East and potentially ease demands on U.S. forces in the country.

The non-U.S. NATO mission will grow from its current 500 service members to about 4,000, and its efforts will extend to regions beyond the greater Baghdad area.

NATO has been in Iraq since 2004, when it deployed a small number of advisers who worked with Iraqi security forces both in the country and in neighboring nations.

In 2018, the alliance began its current training mission aimed at helping Iraqi forces prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State group, which a few years earlier controlled large swaths of the country.



As if on que, less than one month after President Trump left office, that old nemesis, "ISIS" has returned!

According to a report published in "The SUN" newspaper, "Ten thousand ISIS fighters poised for new wave of terror after bloodthirsty jihadis exploit Covid to rebuild"

The story goes on to report

"It comes as the RAF has also been called into action to strike at targets in Iraq.

ISIS once controlled a vast swath of territory across Iraq and Syria, seized in terrifying offensive in 2014, culminating in its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declaring an Islamic Caliphate in a Mosul mosque.

The bloodthirsty jihadis ruled with extreme brutality before a coalition of Kurdish forces backed by western airpower pushed them into their final pocket of territory in Baghouz, Syria in 2018.

But since their apparent defeat, they have been slowly rebuilding, despite the death of Baghdadi at the hands of US special forces. 

Now Sirwan Barzani, a commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces stationed near the northern city of Erbil, told The Times the terrorists had taken advantage of a lull in operations against them."

Well, well, well.   Donald Trump managed to defeat ISIS and reduce US troops . . . yet less than a month after Dementia-Joe becomes US Commander-in-Thief (by stealing the Presidential Election through voter fraud), suddenly, ISIS is back . . . . and with ten thousand Jihadis! ! ! ! 



It is plain to see what's being done.   

The failed effort to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, so as to enable Qatar to run a gas pipeline through portions of Syria, to Europe, is back on the menu. 

And to make certain that it succeeds this time, after failing under Hillary Clinton's (inept) State Department, and Barack Obama's Community Activist (Ignorant) Presidency, this time, they plan on getting the overthrow done.

They're resurrecting ISIS, bringing in NATO Troops and feeding the Deep-State mass-media stories to plant seeds on the public mind, which will ultimately justify sending troops in to a major Middle East conflagration.

And Major it will be.   

A delegation from Germany visited Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow over the weekend and discussions swerved into Syria.   According to well placed sources in a position to know, Putin told the German delegation that western plans for Syria "Will result in direct war with Russia."

Putin made clear his nation has expended too much time, blood, and money, restoring the Syrian government; Russia will "not allow" Syria to be wrecked again.

Someone ought to tell that to the NATO Troops being deployed to Iraq, the US Troops being re-deployed into Syria, and the western media which is already lying to the public claiming ISIS is back.

Almost immediately after the German Delegation departed Moscow, Orders hit Russian air bases inside Syria to begin Expedited Construction to enhance runways, hangars and fuel capabilities at those bases to accommodate Russian long-range, Strategic Bombers!

Those bombers have the capability to be nuclear-equipped.

All the pieces are being moved into place for a stunningly major war.

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