Saturday 20 February 2021

"Facebook screwed Australia because it can"

The NZ Jacinda Adern government has reacted in a reprehensible way to this because she is in Zuckerberg's (in addition to Bill Gates') pocket. 

"It's been problematic for some time,It's still early sprouts, but if those platforms and media companies are starting to have those conversations, I think it's an early promising sign that if we have substantive conversations with them, we might be able to get some traction to garner some revenue for media companies."

Chris Faafoi, NZ Broadcasting minister

Yeah, Chris, Facebook is having a great conversation with Australia, eh?

Facebook screwed Australia because it can | Rite On

Facebook cut off Australia’s access to news on its platform in a power move that put governments everywhere on notice; the big social platforms will do what they like when they like. Your move governments!

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