Friday 26 February 2021

Perhaps Jordan Peterson should stick to philosophy?

 Perhaps Jordan Peterson should stick to philosophy?


I have been an admirer of Jordan Peterson for some time. He has been the scourge of the wokeist Left because he espouses such common sense as telling young people to take responsibility for their own lives and for being a defender of the ideas of Dostoyevsky and Solzhenitsyn, amongst others.

And then,in the past year he has been to Hell and back.

So, it was disappointing to hear him say the following:

I'm not sure if I have got the definition right but it seems that this is what is called a strawman argument.

Peterson is a phiosopher and what often happens is that philosophers build up their own philosophical constructs that may be quite quite consistent within that framework but it can take one to a conclusion that is not jsutified because it might take one to other things that lie ourside that construct.

Like evidence.

He gives us a list of things that one must BELIEVE to conclude that Trump won the election.

But, I don't have to believe in any of those things to conclude that Trump won and that the election was stolen. I go by evidence.

One example is the courts. He says you have to BELIEVE the court system is corrupt – is he saying it is not. No, you just have to know about how Justice John Roberts browbeat his fellow judges into accepting a situation that the evidence that was being put forward WOULD NOT EVEN BE HEARD.

Jordan Peterson is a great intellectual, a great philosopher but he gets a D minus when it comes to the realities of American politics.

I think he should stick to philosophy and helping young people?

Perhaps I should sent him a copy of Patrick Byrne (someone who was never a Trump supporter) book “the Deep Rig: how election fraud cost Donald J Trump the White House by an man who did not vote for him

Here is the whole discussion:

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