Sunday 21 February 2021

Australia's Sky News on Biden's dementia

Australian Media Runs Segment on Joe Biden’s Dementia! — Something the Poisonous US Media Still Lies About

Australian reporter Cory Bernardi is the first mainstream host to report on Joe Biden’s obvious dementia that is apparent to anyone paying attention. No one in the US liberal media is strong enough to point this out – President Biden is out to lunch. He is in an escalating stage of cognitive decline.

Bernardi shared this on Friday, “Such was the hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and poisonous mainstream media that they chose not to highlight anything that may have derailed a Biden victory. Even now after he’s been sworn in many are still refusing to speak the truth.”

Via Populist Press:

SKY News reported:

It is clear US President Joe Biden is not up to the task he has been “sworn in to do”, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised,” Mr Bernardi said

“It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

Mr Bernardi said it is something which was “evident” during the election campaign, but the “partisan and poisonous” mainstream media chose not to highlight anything which could have “derailed a Biden victory”.

“Even now, after he has been sworn in, many of them are still refusing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity.”

Joe Biden recently emerged to make his “sanitised” Presidential Town Hall Debut, at which the new president “promptly gave away his teleprompter”.

“The result was nothing short of a disaster … it was littered with total falsehoods,” Mr Bernardi said.

“It’s all rather pathetic, but even usually smart people are blinded by the nonsense put out by the mainstream media. They believe every perceived sin of Donald Trump while they seem intent on canonizing St. Joe.”


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  1. Cori Bernadi is telling it how it is that even my dog barks in disbelief...The shocking US Media are immune to such realities as their chi-com and Tyrannical Masters The China Democrats have expediated a $1.9 trillion dollar Covid Scam Bill essentially Looting The Treasury and fast-tracking another bill HR.1 which essentially takes away The States ability to oversee their OWN Elections and Centralizing this power to the Federal Government which means ripping away the Voters Rights and keeping themselves in Power for decades to come. Well done Cori but as you read this you will see Puppet Biden is for optics only a poor one at that nevertheless, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being third in line to The Presidency Rules The WhiteHouse and has demanded Joe Biden hand over the Nuke Codes to her.
    The World may laugh now but Syria is being bombed again, as tensions between Iran and Israel escalate. The Middle East is set to explode World War111 may not be far off.


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