Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No-fly one for Turkish military aircraft

NO-FLY ZONE imposed upon all Turkish Military Aircraft over Syria

1 November, 2016

Months ago, Turkey was told to NOT send its military aircraft into Syria, They failed to heed this warning.  

Weeks later, Turkey was then told to stop sending its aircraft into Syria. They failed to heed this warning to.
Yesterday, October 31, 2016,  the Syrian government - backed by the Russian military - imposed a NO FLY ZONE upon Turkish military aircraft of all types inside Syria as the Battle to liberate Aleppo, (and to secure the Border at the town of Idlib) commence.  Turkey has now been TOLD their aircraft will be engaged and risk being shot down if they fly into Syria.
This new development was announced by an official Syrian Military outlet.
This takes place just 48 hours (or so) until the Russian Navy arrives off the coast of Syria, bringing with it, enough fire power to finally put an end to the shenanigans being perpetrated inside Syria for the last five years.
This marks a very dangerous new escalation inside Syria because, as you may recall, Turkey shot down a Russian Jet last year . . . and it seems natural that some in the Russian military would enjoy paying that back.  With this announcement, the opportunity for such a payback may present itself very soon.
Turkey is a member of NATO.  If Turkish aircraft are engaged and shot down over Syria, it is likely that Turkey would cry for NATO support . . . but there's a problem: Turkey was never granted permission by anyone to send its troops or planes into Syria.  They are there without any authorization.  So the Turks cannot claim "we've been attacked" if it takes place inside Syria because Turkey has no business being in Syria in the first place.
But whether NATO chooses to take action upon a Turkish request remains to be seen.  If NATO decides it WILL take action, then we would see the immediate outbreak of hostilities between Syria/Russia and NATO.  
Again, this No Fly Zone takes place against the backdrop of the Russian Navy steaming toward Syria, with a likely arrival by Wednesday.  If the US/NATO intends to act, they may want to do so before all that enormous Russian naval power arrives.  
We could literally be HOURS away from the outbreak of war, depending upon the plans and actions of Turkey and NATO.    Will they set up an intentional conflict to cause a shoot-down of a Turkish plane, then use that as an excuse to engage Russia in battle?   Stay tuned.

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