Monday 21 November 2016

There are still questions about Wikileaks

I have no idea when this dates from and cannot distinguish what is true and what is false. There is, however, a lot more happening behind the scenes than we are aware of.

Black-PR campaign posts going around recently trying to suppress submissions to WikiLeaks. False, but who benefits?

Here are all the comments from the Wikileaks poster on 8chan confirming our worst fears. SPREAD THIS

There is also this which I have not had a chance to look at.
Make up your own mind.

File (hide)1ca7d408e02ca04⋯.mp4 (11.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Main_2.mp4) [play once] [loop]
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Continuing the debate about the interview…
On the 5th of November 2016, RT aired and published the Full interview of Julian Assange called “Secret World of US Election”.
I have the following questions:
1. Why don't we see an establishing shot of both John and Julian (both in one frame)?
2. Why is there a Morph Cut* (NOT mpeg4 artifacts) at 15:08 and another one at 18:47? (see embedded video)
3. After the Morph Cut at 18:47, Julian talks about the “attempted squeeze”. Was that really part of the answer to the “Internet Being Cut” question or was it (part of an answer to some other question) edited for “proof of life” reasons?
4. If reason for the morph cuts were that Julian had to cough or clear his voice, then why did they leave it in at 01:36?

5. At 20:55 and 22:15 you can hear a screeching background noise and then suddenly you can’t. Why has the audio been cut and edited?
6. To hide a cut, a video editor can use a shot from a different camera (for example a medium close-up shot of the interviewer). How many more cuts were made?
7. For what general purpose has the interview been edited?
8. Why did they announce and label the video as “FULL INTERVIEW” while there is clear evidence of cutting and editing?
 566c5d No.8294974
yes he could still be dead or out of action.

 e6059f No.8294985>>8295179 >>8299629
>>8294899 (OP)
dubs confirm. RIP ASSANGE
if he were still alive Trump would have likely set him free by now

 d76cd5 No.8295010>>8295794
you are seeing things…

 e7d2f3 No.8295017>>8295143 >>8296298
Ok but it could just be editing to remove a long pause.

 d76cd5 No.8295025
the second morph in the video is weird

 d80003 No.8295042>>8295182
Isnt this that weird tech that they showcased a few months ago where they imitated Trump?
Some guy talked and the Software would give out a video of Trump talking?

Just putting it out there. This narrative started as soon as Soros and friends started to "regroup" following the humiliating loss of Hillary. The shills never present facts or evidence to back their claims, and use leftist shaming tactics when called out. This same narrative is being spammed on many boards across the internet, with shills astroturfing and trying to act like the info is legit. Post style of the shills makes it very obvious that they are outsiders.
This narrative is even getting spammed by day old accounts on a small forum that I frequent. At first it seemed like the Assange threads were done by butthurt leftists but it's becoming clear that this is far more malicious. Potentially another Todd&Claire. Be wary.

 df86f1 No.8295066>>8296298 >>8298690 >>8305189
>>8294899 (OP)
And I also want to point out that the OP show a blatant, intentional lack of understanding of image processing and compression. They simply make claims and attack dissenters to silence dissent.

 505c46 No.8295103
File (hide)8aa28b464c094c3⋯.png (112.14 KB, 344x339, 344:339, 8aa28b464c094c3ab9f695270a….png)
deeply concerning

 ef5b63 No.8295143>>8302268
its looks like they cut it too close like they were trying to hide it… That takes more rendering than a morph cut
A decent new agency would use a dip to white to show a cut

 1c0d5f No.8295170
Sent a request to RT inquiring them about uncut footage.

 02c755 No.8295179>>8295407
He isn't even president yet you fucking retard.

 9f64ef No.8295182>>8295230

 02c755 No.8295189
>Potentially another Todd&Claire. Be wary.

 d80003 No.8295230>>8295301 >>8295397
Pretty much, went over it briefly earlier and from that version it seems unlikely however thats 8months ago.
Regardless I still have no idea whats going on with Wikileaks atm, I only know that one side says hes dead or compromised, the other side says hes fine.
The only thing I know is of their tweets with typos that in the end spelt out "Help him".
Anyone can update or clear up?

 ce6f23 No.8295257>>8295457 >>8305249
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
just going to put this out there

 717154 No.8295301>>8295448
Do you happen to have those saved?

 0210e2 No.8295355>>8295433
>>8294899 (OP)
Morphnet can be used to create realistic sounding voices.
You pair that up with this and with the right supercomputer you could fake anyone.

 b33e95 No.8295397
Lots of speculation of it being a ctr nerdvirgin narrative but wilileaks Twitter has done literally nothing to confirm proof of life and the excuses so far have been nigger-tier retarded.
So I will do a preemptive ==F==

 e6059f No.8295407>>8305666
>implying he can't throw his weight around as President Elect

 49f878 No.8295433>>8296862
>Morphnet can be used to create realistic sounding voices.
Is this true?
The first morph happened when he claimed that Trump represented white-trash. Second morph happened right as he was vaguely mentioning his internet being cut.

 d80003 No.8295448>>8295471 >>8297403
File (hide)0d359547c9215a2⋯.png (464.33 KB, 645x2375, 129:475, a4af28fa5ce1c059.png)
here you go

 49f878 No.8295457>>8295986
I'm not that technical when it comes to video compression.
How likely is it that this happens twice in a 20 minute clip?

 d76cd5 No.8295467>>8295621
In the original interview there is another artifact (at 00:15:08:22) in the bottom left corner. It seems the morph/blend algorithm was struggling with the disappearing hand. A compression artifact seems unlikely since it appears out of nothing. It just doesn't seem to be a "smear" from a previous frame.

 717154 No.8295471
Thanks, that's pretty fucking spooky. I hope he's alright.

 1c0d5f No.8295621
That does not look like a cut, I've sent three requests now, to Dartmouth Films, John Pilger & RT.

 0210e2 No.8295720>>8295792
This film is entirely CGI.. including john pilger.
They deliberately left in the flaw at the "deplorable" code word JUST TO FUCK WITH US and to show us they control everything.

 1c0d5f No.8295792>>8297199 >>8302512
File (hide)ef7223ed75499ee⋯.png (717.37 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, c4ce28386a8474e806c2078c21….png)

 bf3482 No.8295794
>>8294899 (OP)
So is this a bot trying to convince people that Assange is dead/captured so that is demoralizes people?
Yeah, seems that this is the case

 10d810 No.8295905
>>8294899 (OP)
>>8294899 (OP)
>>8294899 (OP)
Jesus FUCK this makes my hair stand on end.

 5b68b8 No.8295968
WTF is this shit?

 ce6f23 No.8295986>>8296416
dont all the "glitches" or whatever you want to call it happen at the same time?

 0210e2 No.8295990
Hilloli clinton and her allies figured out how to
combine neural networks for audio and auto-morphing for video to create a fully CGI fully realistic video of assange.

 13aaa2 No.8296014
It's a filter you can use in Premiere Pro that "smoothly" blends cuts between video clips when the source image is something fairly simple like a person. It's not perfect though, it makes mistakes. They shouldn't have bothered with it.

 292c68 No.8296027>>8296053 >>8296298 >>8296402 >>8303515
File (hide)8a600ace35c31d5⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1260x1412, 315:353, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at ….png)

 e290e4 No.8296053
File (hide)8e83db25b13e8a0⋯.png (219.11 KB, 415x422, 415:422, loli_nazi.png)
>tfw wikileaks visits your favorite nazi board

 f451f0 No.8296055>>8297033 >>8302539
File (hide)584dc4c13b2d1be⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, aasangefinger.png)
>>8294899 (OP)
An anon posted this in another thread. he marked the cuticles with blue dots
the finger where it's pointing at "dissapeared", like you see the beard in the place where the top part of the finger is supposed to be.
Is it also an editing mistake or more proof of a rendericed face?

 f29ae6 No.8296233

 29d249 No.8296265>>8296268 >>8296340 >>8299806 >>8305172
i cant believe you fucking idiots are still pushing this nonsense.

 29d249 No.8296267
Theres probably even more restrictions imposed upon him.

 b36627 No.8296268
File (hide)849b125a66fb9d2⋯.gif (148.19 KB, 250x200, 5:4, 1381939625422.gif)
prove it

 29d249 No.8296273>>8305172
shut up tinfoinhat

 d35541 No.8296298>>8296313 >>8296331
just throwing this out there that this and other threads, previous comments, etc showcase there certainly is a concentrated effort to lead this discussion and that lies in those claiming out of near-religious hopefulness that everything is okay.
These shills are also more "aware" of board culture than most other shills are. They (mostly) can talk the talk. But no self respecting anon is looking at anything that's occurred with wikileaks in the past month, with their fucking director being murdered no less and a fucking near continent wide DDoS to prevent the deadman switch.
Julian is dead, or captured. And there's a specific effort to lead us away from believing this.

 e6e2c3 No.8296308
File (hide)2f9f2204cfe0c47⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 628x599, 628:599, 1423392873876.jpg)
>still no pics
>still no videos
>larpers saying he's compromised
it's all speculation but it is very plausible that it is actually true

 f29ae6 No.8296313>>8296325 >>8296755
> And there's a specific effort to lead us away from believing this.
exactly. but they can't hide it forever and eventually more people will start asking questions.
the real question is what do we do now?

 d4d95e No.8296317
What does one need to be able to visit Assange? Some sort of media credentials?
He has celebrities visiting him, what would it take for an average Joe to arrange an interview with him?

 b36627 No.8296325>>8296332 >>8297118
If I lived in London, I know what I'd do. I may be in London next month, but we'll see by then. I just can't understand why it's so hard to just waltz into the embassy. Pamela Anderson did it. I'd just get a tan and pretend to be a shitskin.

 5f9327 No.8296331
This. When has wikileaks ever made references, let alone directly naming 8ch.
It screams of "L-look guys, you can still trust us"

 f29ae6 No.8296332>>8296338
I meant.. after he is confirmed dead or captured (and we can assume he is) - what do we do?

 497c62 No.8296334>>8296341 >>8296377 >>8297055 >>8305348
68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 67 61 74 65 77 61 79 2e 69 70 66 73 2e 69 6f 2f 69 70 66 73 2f 51 6d 57 6f 44 65 64 54 43 35 72 6d 78 70 55 73 67 61 70 37 47 43 66 58 63 72 71 5a 66 61 48 56 39 5a 42 54 65 67 52 53 4d 4c 4e 72 61 47 2f 54 68 65 25 32 30 47 72 65 61 74 25 32 30 57 69 7a 61 72 64 25 32 30 4f 66 25 32 30 4c 65 61 6b 73 2e 6d 64

 b36627 No.8296338
not shut up about the pizza shit I suppose.

 afea03 No.8296340>>8296373
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
One of his lawyers talking about >>8296265

 c14119 No.8296341>>8296360
larping fags pls go

 497c62 No.8296360>>8296374
WikiL and Bitcoin have an interesting past. Bitcoin owes JA a favor. One could assume a very safe place to hide data would be in a blockchain

 e6e2c3 No.8296373>>8296427
File (hide)3410b2a5140d9cf⋯.jpg (99.8 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1432688374000.jpg)
kek still no pictures or videos. i smell bullshit

 c14119 No.8296374
you really expect to be taken seriously posting with the name Blockchain Secrets?

 dca2aa No.8296377>>8296828 >>8305348
travel here at your own risk anons

 eacd98 No.8296402>>8308774
Something is wrong 100%. I just realised this but maybe DAK (Day Assange Kidnapped/Killed) was a psy-op as a warning from the FBI ? They kept mentioning 16.10.16. That was the day when Kerry pressures Ecuador and the armed men appeared at the embassy, thoughts?

 71eb85 No.8296416>>8296436 >>8296602
At least at two different times according to OP's video.
As far as I can tell if that was a compression error and not an advanced edit, you wouldn't see glitches only in those particular places, specially in the second one where he moves his head all around but only the edge of the shirt glitches.

 fca504 No.8296425>>8296452 >>8297286
There is one easy way to verify if he's dead or alive: Somebody Leak Something
It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just something you have access to that is vaguely in the public interest.
Encrypt whatever you send with the public gpg key; if they can't post a signed message then they can't decrypt what you send.
If they publish all is well, otherwise post what you send here as definitive proof….

 afea03 No.8296427
Somthing is up but if he really has been taken i there is a hell of alot of people involved Wikileaks wasn't just a 3 man team it was growing at an incredible rate
go have a look at the members known to be actively involved in Wikileaks to see if there attitudes have changed

 f29ae6 No.8296436>>8296483
>>8294899 (OP)
first weird cut is at 01:50

 71eb85 No.8296452>>8296475 >>8296479 >>8297792
File (hide)9b687754144481e⋯.jpg (34.73 KB, 477x299, 477:299, Crypto nerd comic.jpg)
Assuming he didn't had his passphrase in a post-it or they didn't cut his fingers one by one until he told them.

 30fb8a No.8296475>>8296502 >>8297792
>Hurr there's no point trying to protect your information durr you'll just be captured and tortured for it anyway
Christ XKCD is such a basic piece of shit. Faggot even did a piece encouraging people to vote for fucking Hillary. He will receive a public hanging on the day of the rope.

 fca504 No.8296479
So they have access to the pgp key and it's password; went to the effort of coercing the Russians into editing a video but won't use the key to sign a message?

 d76cd5 No.8296483
Great find! That's 3 Morph Cuts so far.

 f8ddff No.8296489
Is it true that John Pilger refuses to comment on the interview and it's inconsistencies?

 8d2e18 No.8296501>>8296508
At 1:49 his chest swells but doesn't go back to normal. Look at the width of the white shirt, it gets wider.
And why is no one mentioning that Pam Anderson visited him again with more food? 2 days ago.

 3b46dd No.8296502>>8297792
File (hide)25db48839b231f6⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2095x1028, 2095:1028, randall munroe.png)

 8d2e18 No.8296508
Pam wrote about the most recent visit 2 fucking days ago in her blog Nimbus won't get a full page for some reason

 d76cd5 No.8296557
Update: at 2:29 is another one (most likely). His collar in the back of his neck and also the left side (for us the right side) of his jacket, changes shape.

 4a2e51 No.8296589
Vote for him in TIME Person of the year. He'll have to show himself on award night in some form, else we know he's dead.
Posting this in relevant threads, not shilling, just making sure anons read it.

 d76cd5 No.8296592>>8296601
I, the OP, am a noob. Is there a way I can edit/update the thread? Looked through FAQ but can't find the answer…

 4a2e51 No.8296601
Just post it here so people who instantly scroll to the bottom read it.

 3b46dd No.8296602
File (hide)34414ede5f01531⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 595x303, 595:303, Block_partition.jpg)
>As far as I can tell if that was a compression error
MPEG-4 video compression doesn't work like that. When there's not enough bits, you see a lot of macroblocks. When there's missing frames, the whole picture goes to shit like one of those "artistically-broken" GIFs.

 d35541 No.8296755>>8298300
keep digging and doing the things people have already discussed doing. not to say 8chans compromised, but we all know we're being watched here now.
So because of that, actual content can't really be discussed until revealed. Where to do that I won't say (we all know where we can go to do that, we all have our own places).
Following leads IRL is just the next best bet, but people need to take caution in doing so. That or deliberately bait those watching us by springing a trap on them with numbers and weapons.
Outside of finding more connections or more whistleblowers coming out, if anyone even a fucking patsy was taken hold of we'd probably be able to dig more info out of them.
I think the only thing these people don't comprehend is some of us are as deranged as them and are more than willing to cross boundaries we never would otherwise with them. Many of us are desensitized as well.

 422dd5 No.8296828
I don't even know where to start with the information here.
A perfect front for publishing genuine information which is being sought to be censored is to publish a supposed fiction.

 6d3be8 No.8296862
No the first morph made it sound like he called Trump deplorable.
The second likely completely removed a sentence or cut minutes.

 422dd5 No.8296911>>8296971 >>8302587
>>8294899 (OP)
>>8294899 (OP)
>>8294899 (OP)
>>8294899 (OP)

 3b46dd No.8296971
Fuck, I thought you were joking.
This video was clearly edited.

 015d30 No.8296973>>8296979
Assange is kill, wat now?
How will this play out now that Trump's president elect?

 7af8ae No.8296979>>8296984 >>8297427
File (hide)a742cfbcab617ea⋯.jpg (487.09 KB, 1653x1103, 1653:1103, Israel superpower.jpg)
File (hide):42baac3949f38d8⋯.png (7.55 MB, 2560x4121, 2560:4121, Trump P R S.png)
File (hide)ecd682ae84bedc7⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 3048x3456, 127:144, trumpgoy.jpg)

 015d30 No.8296984>>8296988 >>8297006
Thanks for correcting the record.
I see. the video is fake, but Assange is safe, just their ability to connect to outside world is cut.

 3b46dd No.8296988>>8296991
>but Assange is safe
And I'm the easter bunny.

 015d30 No.8296991>>8297074
dubbels confirm

 4a2e51 No.8297006>>8297024 >>8297029
He's either in a blacksite and the LARPer is correct, and the tru leaks will come out in the next few days.
Also possible he is drumming it up on purpose, but unlikely.
Another chance he's dead.
As long as the leaks come out, we win.

 f49037 No.8297024>>8297102 >>8297201
Everyone pay attention.
This is a shill meme.
LARPing = taking action.
It's there to make you not take action and stay online.
Fuck off tard.

 015d30 No.8297029
There'd be no point trying to blackpill on Trump if they had got what they wanted.

 321773 No.8297033>>8297035
You can still see the top of his middle finger, but it's blurry. Probably because of the movement.
Maybe i just want to believe he's alive and well.

 6ac8a6 No.8297035
there's also a ghost hand in the bottom left corner just before the edits.

 f49037 No.8297055
What even is this?

 3b46dd No.8297074
File (hide)4e09c9406f92f4c⋯.jpg (26.12 KB, 450x375, 6:5, hide yo wifi.jpg)

 3b46dd No.8297102>>8297159
File (hide)7b223e899eef68e⋯.jpg (655.87 KB, 493x740, 493:740, 7b223e899eef68e96ee266e2b3….jpg)
>LARPing = taking action

 23a3fa No.8297118>>8297139
>>8294899 (OP)
Was this video/interview done in conjunction with RT?
It seems weird to me that they would play along with this deception, when they have been gleefully publishing articles about the recent leaks and have been accused of being involved themselves.
Assange being dead would be a huge scoop for RT also.
Someone said in another thread the place is surrounded by cops who'll turn people away and confiscate their phones. If you do decide to check it out, don't have anything with you that's important.

 dd9337 No.8297119>>8297145 >>8297162 >>8297320 >>8298300
Assange is an opportunist piece of scum. If you ever went to a David Irving lecture in past 10 years, your name is on a "list" provided by them and given to the SPLC. Because you have in interest in WW 2 and why, exactly, it's illegal in Europe to even question the official version.
Now personally, I don't care. Are the Jews going to dox me? They'll find a few misdemeanor arrests, no home phone, no goybook, and residing under someone else's residency and NEET.
On the principle, I'd like to kill him myself if if I could ever could the chance. "You aren't allowed to go to lectures about historical events that aren't kosher approved, goy." fuck Assange.

 b4f478 No.8297139>>8297366
>Was this video/interview done in conjunction with RT?
No, they just gave it to RT and RT published it. They also gave it to other mainstream media but they didn't release it. I remember reading this somewhere.

 3b46dd No.8297145>>8297219
>"You aren't allowed to go to lectures about historical events that aren't kosher approved, goy"

 f49037 No.8297159
Why do you think politicians go into government?
To take action
In that case - Trump and Assange are LARPers.

 f49037 No.8297162>>8297194
> Assange is an opportunist piece of scum.
Oh fuck off, he put his life on the line.

 dd9337 No.8297194>>8298300
fuck you and him. That's his choice to handle what he knows is classified information. I may not give a fuck, buy men with families, regular people, are now on an "SPLC list" also hosted by his site for going to a lecture by a history writer?
And you are justifying it? Back to reddit asshole.

 921832 No.8297199>>8297211
Okey, I thought this was disinfo until now. These are some very valid questions and points being raised, plus >>8295792 this too. Something is DEFINITELY fishy with this interview.

 d2d826 No.8297201>>8297211 >>8299059
File (hide)0bb940b06a8288f⋯.png (666.44 KB, 1884x2428, 471:607, ea7525d6064ec5500ea12abb27….png)
can confirm shills don't yet know what larping is. nice catch anon. That time again, more often these days.

 f49037 No.8297211>>8297242 >>8297262 >>8299059
What's a LARPer then?
If you distract and don't give me the definition - YOU'RE the shill.
I think there may be some editing involved, plus I bet the footage is pre-recorded.
Assange - just release a photo.
Just one fucking photo.

 dd9337 No.8297219>>8297406 >>8298300
David Irving, look him up. He was a respected writer on WW 2, his first book was on Dresden. When he did his research for his bio on Hitler, he couldn't find any concrete info on the Holyco$t, so refused to but anything about "gas ovens" in his book.
He went from a millionaire to his publisher dropping him, being sued, time in jail, banned from just about every country on earth. His crime? He has questions about the "gas ovens" and the number "6 million."
and if you ever went to see him (this was before bitcoin)? Now you are on an SPLC "hate list" obtained and hosted by wikileaks. Assange knew he was breaking a law, he has a long history of computer vandalism.
Ruining people's lives for having an interest in WW 2? that's when I get murderous and I feel fully justified in it.

 040e24 No.8297221
Someone post the facial-expression software webm

 dd9337 No.8297242>>8297290 >>8297431 >>8298300
Talk about shills and LARPers, look in the mirror. Do you actually understand what we are talking about here? My life was over long before anyway, I was already fucked.
Over 1,000 people all over the US– doctors, lawyers, housewives, people with families now cannot get jobs bc Assange decided he had a right to play judge, jury, and SPLC plays executioner. For what crime? Going to hear an historian speak.
That's soviet, Judeo-Bolshevik level. If he wants to get involved in handling ZOG classified info, buy the ticket, take the ride, he knew what ZOG was. He made a conscious, informed decision to ruin lives of normal people whose crime was having an interest in history that the Jews and SJW found unacceptable.
I'd literally pull trigger myself, although that's too quick a death for him. I hope ZOG gets him and sends him to Gitmo and tortures him. He likes to judge and set others up for ruination. Why shouldn't he get the same in return?

 dd9337 No.8297262>>8297267 >>8297290 >>8297447 >>8298300
Snowden is a totally different story. He took the info, he took the risk, he didn't set up a site just to fuck over anyone who happened to fall into the SJW's crosshairs until he himself ended up in ZOG's scope with no way out.
Assange is complete fucking trash. Snowden didn't ruin any normal person, he went after ZOG, which wether I agree or not, the only ones involved were him and ZOG. Assange is the scum of the earth.

 e66407 No.8297267>>8297276 >>8297282 >>8297291
I get your implications but define the acronym ZOG if you wouldn't mind

 f8ddff No.8297276>>8297513
File (hide)cab1c1ee9a803cd⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 311x311, 1:1, The Candy Man can.jpg)
Go back to Reddit.

 040986 No.8297282>>8297513
fucking retard

 2e83a0 No.8297284>>8297302 >>8297330
Not once during the entire interview does assange mention an event that happened after the day where the embassy was supposedly raided. I sincerely believe him to be dead.

 040986 No.8297286
This right here. Make a fake leak and see if wikileaks can bite, if they can't, confirmed assange B&n'd from real life.

 d2d826 No.8297290>>8297308
I refer you to misdirector / discreditor
You are falling for the bait and forgetting the thread is about JULIAN ASSANGE
Notice the shills post count, low content and formatting, he is trying to sage this thread to page 15 ( and lower )
Wikileaks has operated successfully for ten years. Only the darknet and the watchers will truly know what happened. May the watch over us in guise.

 dd9337 No.8297291>>8297330 >>8297513 >>8298300
If you have access to jewggle, it shouldn't be hard. If you don't already know it, this must be your first time here or you are taking the piss. The very thing I'm talking about validates the acronym: Zionist Occupied Government.
"You're on the wrong side if history, goy." Irving, as far as I know, still has lectures on Jewtube unless ZOG has taken those down too. These weren't meetings of…I was one of youngest people there, they were mostly iddli-aged people with an interest in history, some of Germanic-descent with an interest in their history. Look at the people featured in these lectures and tell me if there could be any justification for…and even if ZOG wanted to infiltrate and do surveillance, I'm sure they were, they were literally HISTORY LECTURES just like in any University, but they were not kosher-approved. And this is in the United States, with the right to free speech and freedom of assembly.

 f8ddff No.8297302>>8297321
He does mention Hilldog's "17 intelligence agencies" claim which was made on the 19th which is a few days after. I can't seem to find it stated anywhere earlier than that.

 dd9337 No.8297308>>8297344 >>8297355 >>8298300
Stop watching fucking Alex jones asshole. you are the LARPer and shill. I can go to the SPLC site or wikileaks and find my own name and former address, stolen from Irving and/or facilitated by Assange. That's a form of terrorism. ANTIFA types would play games where they'd try to find location so they could rush in and scream and throw human shit and at the NYC one pepper spray.
I have an arrest because of that incident. You are sitting on a fucking computer, have never done a thing in your fucking life but listen to alex Jewnes and call others "shills." Ironically, the people who have actually paid a price for what Assange did.

 532417 No.8297320>>8297334
What the fuck are you doing to act like big shit?

 2e83a0 No.8297321
The whole heavily armed police tweet was only on the 21th.

 d2d826 No.8297330
Obviously, hope you're wrong. But Clinton wouldn't surprise me. Not to mention the rhetoric behind that when "I've done bad things" but not when "hey, look. China did bad things." Either way, he won't be directly on the net, but his followers live on and the purpose has been served well. F
In Germany, Irving spoke at a meeting, he did not mention the holocaust, and the host of the meeting got the standard 7 year sentence because Irving "was the type of person would who say that sort of thing".

 fa120f No.8297332>>8297345
1. Why are you a dumbass?
2. Why are you sperging about an edited video?
3. Why does it surprise you that the video was edited?
4. Why do you think it's a huge conspiracy worth burning calories over?
5. If he farted and they cut it out, is that evidence of a conspiracy worth getting paranoid about?
6. Do Assange's farts smell and does Russia know?
7. Could we please stop with the dumbass threads that come to dumbass conclusions based on paranoia rather than evidence?

 dd9337 No.8297334>>8297353 >>8298300
Motherfucker, what do you think happens when you go for a job interview and have an arrest for assault for getting into a brawl with ANTIFa scum? 2nd degree assault? Plus the 10 days on Rikers, plus the $13 k for a lawyer.
That was all due due to Assange, playing games with ANTIFA and hacking Irving and telling where the lecture was. Which is absurd that it had to be hidden anyway. I've had my ass burned for Assange's treachery and narcissism. you sit here parroting Alex jones and pretending life is a spy game.
It's real. Rikers is real. The 3 mexicans who got into a fight in with shanks in the prison library and 2 of them died and blood squirting everywhere was REAL, I saw it.
Life is not a fucking video game, as you seem to think.

 d64be8 No.8297344>>8297347
>I have an arrest

 2e83a0 No.8297345
>don't worry goys, you're all just paranoid
>please discuss spirit cooking instead

 dd9337 No.8297347>>8297351
when you get jumped outside a church in brooklyn by nadia with pepper spray, you should just roll over and take it, like you would you miserable faggot.
The consequences of Assange's bullshit are REAL, That's what you can't get through you're obese, Alex Jones filled head.

 dd9337 No.8297351>>8298300
> nadia
*ANTIFA, although I actually like "nadia" better to deserve them. They act really tough with their masks, but they sure can't take a few punches and when the cops come and they have 2 jew layers with them, who do you think gets locked up?
not them.

 d64be8 No.8297353>>8297361
>Assault who you think is antifa
>You probably picked the fight and started it
>This is Assange's fault

 d2d826 No.8297355>>8297371 >>8297383
>stop listening to alex jones, asshole
Wow, still looking for the 270, CTR?
>still not know what a LARPer is
good for you, your learning ad hominems, you might even be a yuri beznemov pupil
>"my name and address on wikileaks."
Great, I'll be checking the Irving files, Mr Yorkshireman. Don't forget boil your afternoon tea with your svastika-encrusted crumpets. If you're worried about your name on wikileaks and you say it you are lying to me or you are extremely stupid.

 dd9337 No.8297361>>8297375 >>8298300
no fuckhead, the people pepper spraying me were hare krishnas. Was it Assange's fault? 100%. You are a fat shitbag somewhere in the midwest. After his initial Pr died down and he needed to stay relevant, he worked with ANTIFa, 100%.
Go check his site file map, the Irving list is still there. The fucking mental gymnastics you LARPing motherfuckers will do in order to justify staying around Larping is amazing.

 23a3fa No.8297366
Ah, I see. So it's now a question of the motivations and integrity of the company who produced it, and the Interviewer. From a human factor pov anyway.

 dd9337 No.8297371>>8298300
File (hide)6218cc8152399f1⋯.jpg (3.82 KB, 104x125, 104:125, 1459593802584s.jpg)
edgy, hymie. "Shut em down for call alex jones the obese, con artist, zionist stooge he is."
"I'm gonna check da list on you." Feel free. Feel free to visit, too, I'll be waiting. where the bodies are buried.

 d2d826 No.8297375>>8297401
File (hide)0cbe846fb4924bd⋯.png (67.03 KB, 799x860, 799:860, warhol merchant 3.png)
>ppl being pepper sprayed was asange's fault
>plane crashes are the wright brothers' fault
>ww2 was hitler's fault
>all distrust in jews is hitler's fault
Filtered, JIDF.

 dd9337 No.8297383>>8297399 >>8298300
File (hide)eecfee14c29788c⋯.jpg (14.4 KB, 300x295, 60:59, scooby-jew.jpg)
You can't even decide what you are trying to LARP as. And here's another tip– Bezmenov is a fraud, at least with regard to access he had. At that time, the CIA was paying huge shekels for KGN walk-ins. No way in fuck, if he were as high up as he says, he ever would have had to work as a janitor in the ZOG as he claims.
Start driving in from the desert, would be happy to meet.

 532417 No.8297399>>8297430 >>8297462
File (hide)6ae1a68c367c249⋯.png (88.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ehheehe.png)

 dd9337 No.8297401>>8297414 >>8298300
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
lol, you fucking bunch of fraud assholes. When Assange is involved in stealing the info from Irving, and spreading it from his site, knowing full well ANTIFA was trying to shit down an HISTORIAN giving a lecture? 100%.
What the fuck has happened to the mods? There are barely-diguised leftists here, defending fucking ANTIFA and preventing people from listening to David Irving.
THIS is fucking /pol/ now? No idea what has happened to this site since election, but not the one I remember.

 d3e84d No.8297403>>8298690
That doesn't spell "help him" recipe had an added I in the second tweet and is not missing an e.

 23a3fa No.8297406
Anon, he wouldn't have a list to put up if the SPLC hadn't made it in the first place though. It is incredibly irresponsible to just publish these things when normal, regular people are the subjects of the documents though.
His publishing it for the world to see is both positive and negative:
On the one hand, people will now know they are on such a list and can take action against those that put them on there. The world can see what kind of people the SPLC really are, and those who feed the info to them.
On the other hand, having the list on wikileaks means that others who share SPLC's views will now have something to act on should they wish.
So if you're on a blacklist or hitlist owned by an organisation like SPLC, would you want to know or would you rather remain blissfully unaware?

 921832 No.8297414>>8297462
Yeah it's not cool to spread info about people going to his lectures. Still, you cant deny the overwhelming positive side of wikileaks.

 04abd7 No.8297427>>8298188
File (hide)ef72e3b8d1b17e8⋯.png (498.25 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 6ba77c84bea77f3343f8f5972f….png)
>Second image
>Breitbart, Milo, and The Rebel
Nobody believes this save for Hillshills.

 dd9337 No.8297430>>8297927 >>8298300
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
you are LARPers and fucking frauds, who have never paid any sort of price for freedom of expression, sitting around pretending you are fighting anything by going through twaater.
Not one of you seems to have any idea the battles that went on to try to maintain free speech in this country, and that people actually paid a price for it.
good work Mods. this is now a Leftist/LARPer hellhole site who defends the right of ANTIFA to break up lectures by David Irving.Even his lectures are disappearing from Jewtube. amazing.

 f49037 No.8297431>>8297462 >>8297469
>My life was over long before anyway, I was already fucked.
You weak piece of shit.
And you complain about LARPers?
You're so arrogant you think doing nothing is more responsible.
Kids are dying anon. And people like you are the reason.

 f49037 No.8297447
> Snowden is a totally different story. He took the info, he took the risk
And got a nice comfy hollywood movie for himself. :^)
You really think he was a real hacker? He either flies low, or he's a plant.
> Assange is complete fucking trash.
I smell a butthurt shillery or bernout supporter. The fact you say that means your a fucking shill.
Assange has done nothing but sacrifice his life for the sake of humanity.
He diverted us from imminent World War with russia.

 d2d826 No.8297462
thank you
protip: will be saging slide threads soon, notice the low effort clickbait

 dd9337 No.8297469>>8297503 >>8297591 >>8297701 >>8297739 >>8298617
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>doing nothing is more responsible.
anon, when you get locked up for "assaulting" 3 ANTIFA thugs who are pepper spraying you in the eye and so you rough up a few of them (this was when Assange had just put the meeting place up, not even individual names) what do you really have left to do?
the oldfags here(not the new reddit scum) can look and see how closely involved Assange was with ANTIFA and other leftists. Until HIS OWN ass was on the line against ZOG, then he did a 180 and quick.
and now you have all these newfag reddit scum calling him a "hero," not realizing he's an opportunist who shared none of the traditional /pol/ beliefs until ZOG screwed him personally. THEN suddenly he understood.
For the oldfags who don't know, look into his collaboration with Leftist orgs and ANTIFA before he himself got ZOGGED. See how closely he worked with them. My source? A friend of mine, Israel Shamir, a convert Jew who became Russian Orthodox, lives in Russia, and ran "wikileaks Russia" before he realized he was scum. I've no more to say. I'll leave one more Irving video for the old fags who might care, because his books are now almost all out of print and the Jews are going to try their hardest to get rid of them as soon as he is officially dead and his daughters have rights to them.
Irving's best stuff is from right after he won the lawsuit and got a few hundred k and was on a roll. He's almost senile and broke now, financially and physically.

 7198e2 No.8297503
Just letting you all know that you can still get most of Irving's books here:

 e66407 No.8297513
Thanks, well aware of the idea of a ZOG just didn't know the exact acronym. I didn't want to jewgle it because it is jewgle and I am careful about what I do and how despite the false anonymity.

 6ac8a6 No.8297591
Thank god people like David Irving exist.

 f49037 No.8297701
>when you get locked up for "assaulting" 3 ANTIFA thugs who are pepper spraying you in the eye and so you rough up a few of them (this was when Assange had just put the meeting place up, not even individual names) what do you really have left to do?
Not be a pussy. Risk life and limb.

 ad827c No.8297739
>anon, when you get locked up for "assaulting" 3 ANTIFA thugs who are pepper spraying you in the eye and so you rough up a few of them (this was when Assange had just put the meeting place up, not even individual names) what do you really have left to do?
Body cam.

 62a7c6 No.8297792

 aafa33 No.8297844>>8297913 >>8298780 >>8298824
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Seriously guys, be on your fucking guard from here on out.

 a14ca3 No.8297913
File (hide)2050210b6b7c015⋯.gif (424.79 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1442846338686.gif)
File (hide)a393276d2c5a5c5⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 658x800, 329:400, 1442847758460.gif)
>mfw can't even tell if anything is real in the media anymore
1984 was a mistake.

 44a56c No.8297927
File (hide)711dea8da8fa215⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 275x326, 275:326, 1477269212578.jpg)
I was a liberal who had my career destroyed because I wrote articles talking about why feminism and insane Orwellian leftism was destroying my industry. Even though I was a liberal (I thought) I understood these things were destroying my industry but I didn't know them by name or understood how they worked. The main point of my argument was freedom of speech. For that they discredited me and lied about me in the MSM which shattered my career.
It took me years to recover and restart a life. Since then, I've been on a personal war against this left subversion and the left's war against our freedoms. This led me to these dark corners.
Don't give me this fucking speech you worthless faggot.

 1cf98c No.8298188>>8298289
>brings up milo
>doesn't bring up all the kikes Trump is surrounding himself with or Ivanka being a kike convert

 ad827c No.8298289
>or Ivanka being a kike convert
Why do so many /pol/acks care about what Ivanka is? She's just a woman.

 65fe8d No.8298300
This guy smells like shill, he thinks getting beat up by antifa makes him a revolutionary, while still making it out to be all Assange's fault. He tries to appeal to board culture, while trying to make us turn on someone we have always supported. Fuck this low energy shill

 23a3fa No.8298617>>8298787
>anon, when you get locked up for "assaulting" 3 ANTIFA thugs who are pepper spraying you in the eye and so you rough up a few of them
Whatever anyone thinks, this alone is a nice mental image, the antifa scum getting a beating. Sorry you had to go through all that though, anon.
So it wasn't the case that someone had leaked this SPLC list to wikileaks and then wikileaks published it? (the order of events wasn't clear from your posts initially)
polite sage for OT

 279e8a No.8298631
File (hide)353dbc557a3dbc9⋯.jpg (128.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1466006689857.jpg)
>>8294899 (OP)
Dis some spooky shit man.

 f16636 No.8298653
The morph at 15:08 is extremely noticeable, what the fuck.

 b272dd No.8298666>>8300222 >>8304156
The interview was sponsored by the Russian Government why would they be interested in helping the Clintons?

 bd5be0 No.8298690>>8298703
File (hide)f74dd722e804545⋯.gif (464.95 KB, 200x317, 200:317, dubs.gif)
Also, "him" is a stretch on the last one considering how previous characters were "chosen".

 bd5be0 No.8298703
e.g. why not select "pie" from recipie?

 e0b378 No.8298768
>>8294899 (OP)
9. Why did Julian Assange disappear shortly after Pamela Anderson's visit at the embassy to give him some harmless gift food?
10. Why does /pol/ seem strangely incurious to investigate the above when there are so many factors indicating there is something to it?

 040e24 No.8298780
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
There's improvements not just in replacing facial expressions in real time but also in how detailed they can be mapped.

 8d2e18 No.8298787>>8299003
I just now used google and read quite a bit about the Irving/Wikileaks incident. Irvings hack is still there,_Nov_2009 looks like Assange fell for the usual leftist narrative and jumped onto Irving, which isn't surprising since Assange has been a left icon for ten years. Irving is very /pol/, funny how he's being sneered at in here.
Also extremely amusing that porno whore Pam Anderson can get in to see Assange any time but his own lawyer can't? Makes no sense and shes lying. He's dead or in Gitmo, anyone with half a brain can see that.
How sad that it was the left that spearheaded his death, all for pedo Hillary and her friends. You all should be asking Pam about this more than anyone else at this time. Spread rumors about her and get her to respond, it'll be easy to catch her out in a mistake.

 915b61 No.8298824>>8298834
> from here on out.
Not that we can go back in time and be on guard, but it's been going on for awhile. This tech is not new

 915b61 No.8298834
Some characters that we believe to be real, that we've only seen on screens, may not have ever been real.
And try to tell a normie that our perception of reality might be this disconnected from true reality, good luck!

 23a3fa No.8299003
Thanks for this, anon.
I suppose he is not above courting the left at a time when it was profitable or safer to do so than not. Many have done and still do.
So either in flipping he's "seen the light" or now courting the right because of the change in tide. Bit of a risky play, going after the Clintons though.
The intense and fierce opposition to people looking into the history surrounding the holocaust aside from that in the textbooks, is disturbing.

 f16ff4 No.8299059
>just realized I misread that
I'm a stupid.

 ad6d26 No.8299442>>8299443

 ad6d26 No.8299443>>8299560

 6ac8a6 No.8299560

 3470f7 No.8299629>>8300125 >>8300465
File (hide)c9656e02dbe1295⋯.jpg (203.03 KB, 635x400, 127:80, file_182745_1_Golovkin_vs_….jpg)
I'm pretty sure Trump said he wanted to kill Assange.
And by pretty sure, I mean I'm 100% sure he said he wanted to do that.
Unless something changed his mind within the past few months, which I'd like to see evidence of.

 e5237a No.8299806>>8299952
File (hide)537cc2e2dd59637⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 340x265, 68:53, Rubber Costume.gif)

 322304 No.8299952
That's clearly edited anon.

 6ac8a6 No.8300125>>8300334
he said he wanted to kill the nsa fag not assange you shill idiot

 e5237a No.8300222
No it wasn't. It was published by RT, but someone gave it to them, all they did was Publish it.

 3470f7 No.8300334>>8300465
Fuck you're right I'm retarded. It was Snowden.
What's the difference though? They've both done the same shit, haven't they?

 6b6edb No.8300465>>8301540
Not at all. Snowden was a full on worker at the nsa and stole a bunch of shit. Then he left, released a few things, sent some things to the Guardian (which hasn't really released much at all), then never released anything since he made it to Russia
Assange has a decade worth of releasing information people have sent to him (after he verifies it), and was not fleeing his job, he didn't steal anything, etc

 354110 No.8301540>>8301609 >>8302288
File (hide)c6e4f18088e75a1⋯.jpg (65.95 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 7ZzgIeW.jpg)
He wasn't an employee of the NSA. He was an employee of an NSA contractor.
The point he was making is there are too many people who aren't terribly loyal to the US, in subcontractor positions, who have access to incredibly sensitive state secrets.
He went public and made a big stink. But there are over a million people with secret clearances out there. With little oversight. Who knows whom they're selling intel too.

 eaeca7 No.8301609>>8301631 >>8303089
What is the source of that photo? I was just watching some footage on youtube from the space station and you could clearly see a large circular object moving into low orbit above a large storm cloud. It just sat there and and quietly disappeared into shadow as Earth spun into night time on that side of the world.

 65599b No.8301631>>8301945

 eaeca7 No.8301945
Go to 10:30 and you will see it. Looking at the picture that was posted you will notice 4 glowing orbs inside the object. This is interesting as most "UFO" sightings are of strange lights in the sky which appear to be orbs or circles.

 644460 No.8302208
File (hide)8a7c8f2217a9473⋯.gif (57.75 KB, 467x200, 467:200, Admiral Ackbar.gif)
(((wikileaks))) still host the leaked British National Party members list. They are leftist, globalist stooges. Don't even think about leaking anything with them. (((Julian Assange))) is an actor. If he was for the real, the (((MSM))) would never talk about him.

 a424e0 No.8302268
This was not produced by a news agency it was licensed to RT

 1c0d5f No.8302288
That is one big lampshade goy.

 a424e0 No.8302512>>8303666
Can you circle what im supposed to be looking at?

 a424e0 No.8302539
>the finger where it's pointing at "dissapeared",
No it didn't thats motion blur and encoding

 a424e0 No.8302587
Yes it was edited for TV. Why are people tripping over the edits?

 ab28de No.8302650
>>8294899 (OP)
Are there people here not aware of the whole wikileaks drama a few weeks before this video was aired?
There was more weird stuff going on than I can count.
A lot of us actually predicted the possibility of a shooped video. Thanks for finding it.

 d2a553 No.8302681
>>8294899 (OP)
You don't ever see them together in a shot. That usually means something fishy is going on.

 41b586 No.8302774>>8303515
File (hide):9e7d0c75e53b774⋯.jpg(763.15 KB, 766x1776, 383:888,N3bBSHd.jpg)
File (hide)9fbec1c5cbc2ca1⋯.png (132.58 KB, 840x960, 7:8, 1478043008009.png)
How do we know this faggot and FBI Anon weren't just larping?

 d015b5 No.8303089
If I'm remembering correctly it's just the reflection of a guys ceiling light shade on his window.
It was posted on reddit ages ago.

 a17683 No.8303199
>This narrative is even getting spammed by day old accounts on a small forum that I frequent.
This. Soros is nervous.
t. Tides Foundation mole

 002f24 No.8303242
In light of all the new technology we've found out about, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the technology employed. If you look hard enough, the same shit happens to George's face in this video. Freaky stuff.
linking cause can't post it.
We also have to make the assumption that the technology these people are using is years ahead of what we're seeing right now.

 71eb85 No.8303515>>8303610
File (hide)7dd5e6f297a57e9⋯.jpg (117.39 KB, 688x379, 688:379, as_bpap.jpg)
>CIA interrogated me but they just let me go and gave me a laptop to shitpost on the chans instead of shooting or sending me to Cuba
The first one is total bullshit and will look like that to anyone who is not in confirmation bias about Wikileaks being compromised, try reading it again with that framing.
Makes you wonder why Wikileaks namedropped us and that particular post in their 4million followers account. >>8296027
Make us look bad?
>look goys only conspiracy nuts think we are compromised!

 41b586 No.8303610>>8304196
>national security letter
Sounds flimsy as fuck on reread.

 bd4432 No.8303639
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

 9589e0 No.8303666
Look at the shadows around his mouth. Something's fucky with the lighting.

 50cfbd No.8303813
File (hide)04543702c206fcf⋯.png (370.84 KB, 991x740, 991:740, ClipboardImage.png)
>>8294899 (OP)

 68931d No.8304156
Really? This shit is so obvious that it was even on a (((Reuters))) podcast this week. If Uranium One wasn't enough to convince you, the Russians wanted Clinton to win. They saw her as ultimately corrupt and therefore predictable and easy to control. The whole Russia for Trump meme was planted by the Clintons to cover up this blatantly obvious fact, and the fact that Trump is a man's man (and respects that in Putin) gave the media the cover to go for it.
>Sage for off topic

 68931d No.8304196>>8304303 >>8304378
As a law fag who's studied the abomination that is the current year legal system, I can tell you that these are in fact a real thing.
tptb did a real number on the Constitution in the wake of 9/11.

 41b586 No.8304303>>8304378 >>8305016
Can you shed some light on what it is then? It sounds like made up LARP term.

 71eb85 No.8304378>>8305016
It's on wikipedia, nothing secret about it, and the second paragraph mentions gag orders already, guess where did he get the idea.
I'm not murrican but article also states FBI issues those and the tripfag claims it was CIA (and they even showed him the papers, how kind!).
I also wouldn't send a letter to a hacker telling him to not be a bad goy and delete all the evidence we are supposed to gather.

 1249ce No.8305016>>8305335 >>8305478
https://www.eff .org/issues/national-security-letters
>Being this much of a faggot that you can't use jewgle (
It's the rough equivalent of an NDA, attached to a subpeona. They are a consequence of the Patriot Act and FISA which allows a judge to suspend a person's freedom of speech if the FISA court finds valid cause for a subpoena. Since FISA precedent is secret, no one really knows what qualifies you to get one of these letters.
The existence of these letters is a major part of why many websites now have warrant canaries. The fact you don't know about it makes me suspect you just came over from halfchan. Their warrant canary went off some time ago.
Again, faggot, the precedent used to qualify someone for a letter is secret. You are also not allowed to talk about receiving one. We only know about the FBI using them because the EFF got involved when the FBI was using them to spam ISPs and TSPs and got FOIA information and a CA court ruling. FBI handles domestic investigations, CIA handles international ones. Wikileaks is not a US-based organization. So yeah, it's reasonable to assume the CIA would be the ones passing out letters in this case.

 1dba47 No.8305110>>8305115

 a9c3b9 No.8305115>>8305124
That one is really obvious, you don't even need to slow it down. But to be honest it looks like a normal cut to me.

 1dba47 No.8305124>>8305131
>Everything is normal goy
>You don't have to worry about it

 a9c3b9 No.8305131>>8305143
File (hide)56789bd4f10adcb⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Julian Assange.webm) [play once] [loop]
I am not saying that everything is normal you faggot, that one at 15:07 is shady as hell. I am just saying that the one at 1:49 looks like a normal cut.

 1dba47 No.8305143
Nothing is normal in a full interview of a man that is supposed to be missing.

 29d249 No.8305157>>8305172
>>editing videos

 1dba47 No.8305172

 35d5d7 No.8305189
File (hide)a95706fa4a9685d⋯.jpg (97.28 KB, 1124x632, 281:158, CwoKMKdVQAA-gsG.jpg)
Seeing this same post posted over and over doesn't make me any less concerned. The twitter-account has been acting strange since internet-cut
I know how image processing and compression works. It does not look like mpeg4-artifacts (or any mpeg for that matter). What you would expect is parts of an I-frame staying in place if a following B-frame was corrupt.

 35d5d7 No.8305249>>8305293
I honestly don't know who's shilling who anymore. The example from Assange is not a simple I/P/B-frame issue. You can't "skip" to a new image using motion vectors. Not comparable to the stupid reptilian-eyes, which are mostly very clear codec-artifacts. The "skip" in OP looks like I-frame to I-frame, or what you would expect from a cut…

 1dba47 No.8305293>>8305478 >>8305495
Wouldn't such a bad cut make sure that the people would start questioning if the footage is real or not ? Especially if we believe he is dead.
How isn't this common sense?

 41b586 No.8305335
Yeah I did just come from halfchan, mostly for the pizzagate threads which seem to be more substantive here. I am probably going to stay as I like this board more overall. I will try not to shit it up.

 b36627 No.8305348
File (hide)bf8bb25d6f536d0⋯.gif (161.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1380912096193.gif)

 8ed6e3 No.8305386
[pop]YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>>8294899 (OP)
His nose looks plastic, nostrils weird, and his skin looks rubbery.
Could be CGI

 71eb85 No.8305478>>8307167
File (hide)cc425772da0775a⋯.png (98.16 KB, 969x869, 969:869, RFR_3.png)
>Again, faggot
Do you really not realize how retarded it is to send a letter to fucking wikileaks asking for cooperation and to stay shut?
And that's not even the biggest nonsense in that story, do you really believe if CIA had his hands on a wikileaks operative that has been leaking confidencial docs for years, he'd be free to shitpost on the chans a day later?
That post has been TAILORED to feed confirmation bias of the people here, by someone who really knows the board culture and current topics, a lot of effort was put into that. Who would put that much effort into disrupting/discrediting our board?
If they weren't compromised, and that was actually censored, I'd assume they'd have said so on twitter (Hey 4M guys! RT is censoring us!).
If they weren't compromised, and that was just some noise cut ambulance or whatever, it makes sense that they haven't said anything.
If they are compromised, and the video is censored, then you have to assume the Russians are in, because you wouldn't censor a wikileaks interview if you don't know they are compromised.
If they are compromised, and the video is not censored, and this catches on fires, it will be interesting to see how they respond, but they could just use option 2 (just some noise edited out).

 35d5d7 No.8305495>>8305607 >>8307661
File (hide)6e5d72771956626⋯.png (42.77 KB, 627x347, 627:347, 5d2ae69f8cc9e3516201ea9f48….png)
Common sense, maybe. No proof either way though. What is more worrying than OPs post (which has legit concerns, especially if you consider all the weird info) is that this topic is derailed and disinfo'ed to hell everywhere it's discussed.
The weird artifacts are not typical of any mpeg-related codec…
The hand in the bottom left corner is proof enough that this is some fuckery for anyone who knows how compression works, and the ONLY artifacts in the video are weird ones, not the type you would expect from a fucked bitstream or missing I-frames, while the audio is without glitches…

 71eb85 No.8305607
File (hide)534e76d4f1bdbd3⋯.png (923.07 KB, 1115x754, 1115:754, VP9_macroblocks_ToS_f00808.png)
>The hand in the bottom left corner is proof enough that this is some fuckery for anyone who knows how compression works
To add to that, the same exact fuckery is present on every youtube encoding be it vp9 or mpeg4, if I remember correctly how vp9 transcoding works if that was an error in the original stream, it wouldn't show the same as the mpeg4 ones, correct me if I am wrong.

 5aa385 No.8305666
He has no power of the exec branch until he takes office.

 bd340d No.8305800
He is dead. Bump.

 1249ce No.8307167>>8307661
>Asking nicely
Stopped reading your post there.
He never said they were doing that. Given what a national security letter entails, he was probably being informed that he was under total electronic surveillance as part of the information subpoena. The whole point of such a letter is that compliance isn't optional.
It's basically a gigantic fuck you to the recipient if it's a person and an extortion order if it's a company.
Of course you don't have to comply. Obviously if you don't comply, then they can arrest your ass. That's what a subpoena does.
But by giving you the letter they are letting you know that they know where you fucking live and where you go. It's a threat, you dense motherfucker. Clearly the "LARP" anon had no intentions of complying or he wouldn't have said he had gotten one in the first place.
It's quite possible that the lawyers have been thorough enough to keep members of the organization out of the cross hairs of law enforcement. Compartmentalization, careful skirting, the works. What the CIA did with the NSL was dare them to cross the line so they have an excuse to arrest and detain. Which they will do because they just told them that they know where they are.
No need to give one to WL the organization if they are already compromised. Additionally, the legal recourse the US would have against them is probably limited anyway. Again, not a US organization and WL has more competent legal representation than some idiots on the internet.

 98c8d9 No.8307558>>8307661
One thing I don't understand though, if he is dead, then where is his dead man switch? Did his enemies disable it before killing him?

 71eb85 No.8307661
>he was under total electronic surveillance as part of the information subpoena
>they know where you fucking live and where you go
So they know where the cyberterrorist is, they know he is guilty, they have permission of whatever country he is to raid him (since he claims they took his computer and interrogated him) aaand they just send him a fucking letter and let him go, then he escaped because apparently American intelligence can't keep track of some scriptkiddie. Then the rogue hacker decided to tell his story in 8ch of all places, telling us exactly what we want to hear, how convenient.
Between American intelligence being retarded AND incompetent and some anon larping for (you)'s (or a shill spreading disinfo), which one seems more likely to you?
There might be some shady shit going on here, but we are not going to get to the truth of it by believing everything we -want- to believe (because it fits our bias or sounds like fun).
The whole point of a dead man's switch is that it triggers automatically when you die (usually by not inputting a password every X days/hours or similar).
Of course you can always try torturing the guy until he disables it. But you'd think he had that planned and a way to automatically trigger it if he thought he was in real danger.
>this topic is derailed and disinfo'ed to hell everywhere it's discussed
We should try to give visibility to this video thing and try force them to make an statement about it.
Also try to get something from RT to see if the stories match.
Maybe contact the filterwars guys too since they seem to love this kind of stuff and has quite the audience.
Just liking some comments in jewtube isn't gonna cut it.

 3885bc No.8308774>>8309668
They know they cant fucking touch Assange so they cook this narrative up to sow confusion and distrust of the organization.
If they could really take out Assange they wouldn't have be signalling that they're going to take him out.

 1dba47 No.8309668
How are they signaling that they're going to take him out?
Black-PR campaign posts going around recently trying to suppress submissions to WikiLeaks. False, but who benefits?

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